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  1. Visseris
  2. Azrael Kekoa (DASU)
    Azrael Kekoa (DASU) Castro
  3. aon
    "i can be a gangster and a lawyer on the same character if i want to..."
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  4. Zelyr
    Zelyr Tommy
    I fucking love you <3
    Keep up the good support man!
  5. Ravyn
    "Work, work , work , work, work...." (Hum to the tune of the Rhianna song for full effect)
  6. Ahmed
    Ahmed Swifty
    Hey man! Surprised to see an MTG player here haha! Where do you think i got the idea from ? xD
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    2. Swifty
      How's it going man? Seems to be very few of us MTG players left still roleplaying! Glad to see you are involved in this project as I remember you put a load of working into the MTG server - let's hope we can use our experience from MTG to help make this server into the best it possibly can be!
      Dec 8, 2019 at 2:59 PM
  7. Morets.
    Waiting for replay
  8. Zedo
    MCRP released .. Discord gets fucked.
  9. wolfe
    wolfe Xela
    this guy smokes reggie (regular 9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and thats that shit i dont like
  10. Xela
    Xela wolfe
    my name jeff
  11. Ravyn
    The move from city to city can take a toll on someone! Stay tuned for future updates on my progress in a new city! See you soon! xx
  12. StallingCoin
    StallingCoin Chapman
    What are we streaming today Chaaaaaapa?
  13. Donny "Diggs" Genovese
    Donny "Diggs" Genovese
    The Search for Enoch Tobias continues
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  14. Joshua
    Joshua Thurnus
    feeling cute, might delete later
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    2. Thurnus
      u cute.
      Dec 4, 2019
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  15. Ahmed
    why is this dead
  16. JamieWallace
  17. Diabla
    You lack the requisite spine and testicular fortitude to study under me.
  18. Yuri Boyka
    Yuri Boyka
    It's a Yuri Boyka Jr. Your favorite fighter, son of a prison fighter.
  19. F1Fuzion
    Hyped for MCRP
  20. AmoORid3r
    Narcos for life
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