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THE PERFORMANCE No ★1 October 16th, 2021 Issue


Press Release - 15/OCT/2021



Department of Justice
Press Release

Traffic Code

The Traffic Code rework is finally here. It was last updated in 2019 and it has not been changed ever since. We have added and modified quite a few charges. LEO's can now set up DUI checkpoints, there is a new class of vehicles known as road restricted vehicles which will not be allowed on public roads and some other charges as well. Make sure to wear your seat belts and helmets from now on. We have updated the points system as well on licenses. People who currently have points on their licenses will be reset and they can get them removed through any Law Enforcement Agency. The new traffic code will be in affect after exactly 7 days of this press release.

Note: Helmets with less than 80% face visibility are masks as the mask mandates states it as well.

Find out more: Traffic Code

Corporate Law

We have updated the corporate law as well, it is highly recommended to apply for your business license if you still haven't. Businesses will be sealed and seized if found to be operating without a valid license.

Your faithful servants at the Department of Justice.​

Low on funds? We're here to help!

★THE SHOW TIMES★ No 2 October 10th, 2021 Issue

★THE SHOW TIMES★ No 1 September 26th, 2021 Issue


DOJ Press Release | Penal Code Update | Court System Reminder


Department of Justice
Press Release

Court Sytem

The Department of Justice has been working on the court system for a long time now, it has been one of our biggest projects. Under the court system we will have separate prosecution and defense attorneys rather than just having one attorney act as both. If needed the judge will be overlooking the prosecution and defense attorneys on a case.
There will be two courts:
1. Criminal Court
2. Civil Court

Now that we have a court system the citizens will have an option to sue people or even government agencies for that matter.

Find out more: Criminal Court, Civil Court, Submit a Lawsuit.

Penal Code

The Penal Code has been updated after a long time now. One of the major changes is that we have added federal charges now which will only be adjudicated by a federal judge or higher. Other changes include the time and fines for some specific charges and a few more charges like Slander, etc. For more information you can check out the new penal code here. These changes will go into effect on the 9th of September.

New Penal Code.

Your faithful servants at the Department of Justice.

[HIRING] The Fuerte Race Series & Diamond Car Club

The Fuerte Race Series and Diamond Car Club are now hiring!
To see a full list of positions, please see our corporation page below!


San Andreas Sheriff's Department Public Release 17th of July, 2021



Dear Citizens of San Andreas,

This is my second official announcement ever since I was appointed as the Sheriff of the Department, on February 25th. The Department has gone through some rough patches ever since, but as with every great warrior, our scars and wounds only made us stronger moving forward. Since February, the Department has managed to completely revamp our Sheriff's Academy into a renovating process that's more interacting for all the students. We have changed our Field Training Program completely to make it more time efficient and easier for new Trainee's to complete faster. We have created a joint Investigations Bureau along with the Los Santos Police Department, and our numbers of consistent, active patrolling personnel has increased a lot over over the last months after some resignations.

Today, it is my pleasure as the 4th Sheriff of the San Andreas Sheriff's Department, to announce that our Department will be officially taking over the Firearms Licensing Division from the Los Santos Police Department! All applications that were created before this announcement took place, will be processed normally by the LSPD. Any and all new applications will be processed by the San Andreas Sheriff's Department Firearms Licensing Division! We are very excited about this transition, and we hope you are too.
If you would like to apply for a Firearms License, please click here.

I don't know for how long I will be in this position, but I can promise to all of you that we will keep working day and night to make San Andreas a better, safer, and prosperous environment for every single citizen.



Sheriff Tommy Frustenfield
San Andreas Sheriff's Department


Assistant Sheriff Joshua Smith
San Andreas Sheriff's Department



[WNN] #3 - (Review) The Viceroy

The Viceroy ranks itself as a 4 star hotel and casino. We are going to put that to the test today. We will rank The Viceroy on Parking, Service, Family Friendliness, and Cleanliness.

The Viceroy has about 6 Legal Parking Spots. During peak hours, these parking spots get eaten up by the employees and it makes it hard to find parking. They have an employee only parking garage but it is not open to the customers.


The Viceroy has impeccable service. It treats its customers like gods and makes sure it tends to their desires.

The Viceroy is a hotel and casino. The staff are often not very nice to children running around and hiding under cars. My friend Audrey told me that there was an old house keeping lady who yelled at her daughter for running in the halls. I was told to leave the area by an employee and he told me "Who the fuck are you".

The outside of The Viceroy hosts empty burgershot wrappers that are not cleaned up. The inside is a different story. They make sure everything is cleaned and have impeccable house keeping.



Overall adding all the numbers up, the average of everything is 2.5 and lets round up to 3. So The Viceroy is not accurate on their 4 star rating. I would not reccomend you visit this join. Its mostly full of angry slavic men who yell at you and they are never open. An employee was very rude and asked "Who the fuck are you" in a vulgar manner and it does not seem professional at all. I will update this review late on, I hope there is a change.


[WNN] #4 - Elections


[WNN] #2 - "A Call To Action"

Brothers and Sisters of San Andreas. They federal government has let us down. We are under a police state where non of us have a say in the laws of our land. Government has dodged multiple request for the formation of a government in San Andreas and now it is up to us, the tax payer, to take back our lands. We need a strong, influential mayor during these times. These times where it is safe to assume more then half of the citizens are felons. These times where homelessness is still a major issue within our communities. These are not our faults, they are the governments fault for mishandling of our tax dollars. Whatever happened to No Taxation without Representation? We have no say in government. If the feds don't want to make a government, then we will. If every citizen gets together and says that there is a government and will be an election then the police and DOJ will not be able to stop all of us.

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[WNN] #1 - Market Update


Many San Andreas based companies stocks rise mainly after record breaking quarterly earnings calls. Many companies report high earnings from reduced trade restrictions by the San Andreas government. We can safely conclude that free markets allow for higher earnings potential for San Andreas based companies.

Pisswasser ↑6.09%

Ammunation ↑4.12

Burgershot ↑2.37


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MakeItLegal - SanAndreas

We are fighting for the legalization and decriminalization of Cannabis. We want legal medical marihuana cards to be able to be applied for.

Sign your name bellow and lets get high on facts.

(Format) :




We are pushing the government to ban vagrants in the city and on highways. They are dangerous vehicles that according to the Institution of San Andreas Car Accidents, cause 540% of the car accidents in our great country.

(Format) :

The Lust Resort Club: Where fantasy becomes reality!

**People would be able to see throughout the city a bunch of flyers like the one below and little piece of paper under it with an andress: **
unknown (4) (1).png
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Kamacho Raffle at Viceroy Casino!


March 28th ▀▄▀▄ The Fuerte Race Series ▄▀▄▀ Drag Racing and Live Concert!

The Fuerte Race Series is BACK!
Sunday, March 28th from 5-8pm EST

The Fuerte Race Series is coming to Sandy Shores! The event includes competitive drag racing, a live concert by local artists, and after party with roulette and dice! (See Promotional Graphic Below)

Drag Racing
Free to race casually!

10k for VIP Ticket
- 2 Officially Timed Track Runs
- Entry onto the Drag Race Leaderboard
- Equal Chance* to win a brand new...

Gauntlet Hellfire!

*All Drivers who purchase a VIP ticket will be entered into a private (not open to non-drivers) raffle for the Hellfire. The driver must be present during the raffle drawing, or else a different driver will be picked. This system is to encourage people with cars of all budgets to enter and have their runs timed.

Live Concert
Free Admission!
Feat. The Best Local DJs and Performers
Security Team on Site
No Strings Attached!

After Party
Free Admission!

More Live Entertainment
Roulette and Dice
Cheap Water and Alcohol

HUGE Thanks to our sponsors:

Smithson & Co, VETA Group Inc., Atomic Dealership, Ocean Motors at the Pier, Xero Corp., and Sinclair Estates!



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Announcement from the former Director of the Department of Justice

My fellow citizens, what a time it is in the city. So much change, so many things happening, much of it I believe, for the better. This will be my last announcement to you all regarding matters concerning the Department of Justice, as my time to retire has come. I would like to first, thank you all for being so patient with me. My tenure was filled with situations that I could not predict, and through it all, the support I received from all of you was amazing, and it gave me the drive to keep pushing ahead.

I would also like to apologize, for, while I was unable to put into place some of the programs that I wished to, I was able to set up many programs that will enable those promises to be carried out by our new Director, Leon Frazer and his team. Already he is working diligently to give you the Department of Justice that you need. Please, I implore you all to give him the same support that you've shown me over the last five months. He is an amazing man, that will do more for the city than I could have dreamed.

My second announcement, is one that will no doubt be less popular. Due to the events surrounding the most recent two exotic car auctions, namely several kidnappings and at least one shooting that we’re aware of, of those that wished to participate, and those whom simply wanted to spectate the auction. For the foreseeable future, all exotic car auctions will be suspended while we decide best how to ensure the safety and well being of our attendees. I assure you, that a resolution is being looked into by top men, and once the auctions are to resume, the Department of Justice will make certain everyone is aware.

Thank you all, and remember, you're all pretty, and I love you all just the same.

Forever your servant,
Former Director of the Department of Justice

Announcement from the San Andreas Sheriff's Department


Message from the Sheriff's Office
Dear citizens of San Andreas,

As most of you know or may not know already, after some unfortunate turn of events that lead to the resignation of Sheriff Heinrig Berger, and Undersheriff Freddy Douglas, from the 25th of February, Tommy Frustenfield (yours truly) was offered and gracefully accepted the opportunity to be the Sheriff of the San Andreas Sheriff's Department. Although my appointment came after bad times and was unexpected, the San Andreas Sheriff's Department is all I ever cared about in our wonderful city. Seeing it struggling and taking steps backwards after months of hard work, made it impossible for me to refuse this offer.

With that in mind, I personally believe that every person that holds an important position in a public office, should and has a responsibility to be a voice and a representative of the citizens. After all, that is all we care about in the Department, serving each and everyone of you, as our motto says "dedicated to your security".

Having said that, this is an open invitation to all citizens of San Andreas, to attend the press conference, that myself, Sheriff Frustenfield, will be holding at the Los Santos City Hall, on Saturday, 13th of March, at 3 PM ((EST)) . Letters of Invitations have been sent to all other Government Departments, and they will be sending their own representatives also. The purpose of the speech is not only for the public to get to know me and to announce future plans and changes for the Department, but also to give the citizens the opportunity to address any concerns and voice their opinion on pressing matters, as there will be time for citizens to take the floor.

**No weapons allowed inside. All citizens must consent to a legal search before entering.**

I, my Deputies, and my Public Relations team are looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you there. Your voice matters!

Yours truly,

Sheriff Tommy Frustenfield
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