Server Change-Log

In this node you'll find what changes have been made in the development in Mafia City Roleplay.

Mafia City RP v2.7.8 - Changelog 2021-09-09


Release Date: 2021-09-09
Version: 2.7.8
Type of Release: Bug Fix

We recently accidentally removed the confiscation point with our last update. This fix re-adds it back in, sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. This is our final planned bug fix update meaning presuming all goes well the next update will be 2.8.0 introducing a large number of new features & the tuner cars!

  • Re added back the Zancudo Confiscation Point (Tom)


Mafia City RP v2.7.7 - Changelog 2021-09-06


Release Date: 2021-09-06
Version: 2.7.7
Type of Release: Hotfix

I'd like to formally apologize for the miscommunication and the amount of bugs we have seen with the last release. We have had to withdraw and re-fix a lot of fixes from our last deployment due to them either causing more issues or new bugs. We urge you to report any bugs you may find so that we can quickly fix them if you have experienced any new ones especially with our last deployment. If you encounter any major game breaking bugs, please do not hesitate to message a content developer or LA directly as we take these very seriously. You can directly message me at Nefarious#0001.

Once we have completely flattened out all the new bugs that have occurred, we have a LOT of cool features and revamps and things coming (including new clothing and tuner cars coming super soon!!). If you are a new player who joined either today or yesterday or someone made a new character, you may have experienced jobs not working, animations not working and a variety of broken things. These were all bugs which have now been fixed and your broken character data has been amended. Feel free to hop back in to try again!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed new characters made after last update not being able to do jobs/animations/use bank (Nefarious)
  • Fixed food saying you are already eating when you are not (Nefarious)
  • Fixed progress bars not being able to be cancelled (Nefarious)
  • Fixed cinema randomly completely breaking (Nefarious)


Mafia City RP v2.7.3 - Changelog 2021-09-05


Release Date: 2021-09-05
Version: 2.7.3
Type of Release: Bug Fix

We are finally re-enabling the Cinema after it has been disabled for over a year due to bugs where the server would crash! You can find it near the bank. Setting the cinema video is exclusive to VIP 3, however, anyone can watch videos already set by a VIP.

  • Fixed & re-added Cinema (Felix)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed "You are already eating food" bug (Nefarious)
  • Fixed Downed/Usable Items Timers not going down (Nefarious)
  • Fixed Phone message loading not loading (TadijaS)
  • Fixed bug with Vineyard (MikeontheMic)
  • Fixed permissions with DOJ to allow more options in Group Menu (Felix)
  • Fixed Duty Timers in Staff Mode (Felix)
  • Fixed Prison Timers in Staff Mode (Felix)
  • Fixed chopping cars sometimes saying "You got too far from the vehicle" (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed drop points commands (Felix)
  • Fixed holstered pistols showing up in hand on motorcycle (TadijaS)
  • Fixed sirens whaling when turned off for passengers (TadijaS)
  • Fixed purchasing Corporation phone erases data (Felix)
  • Fixed clothing disappearing when going off duty. (TadijaS)

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Mafia City RP v2.7.2 - Changelog 2021-09-04


Release Date: 2021-09-04
Version: 2.7.2
Type of Release: Hotfix

Just another quick hotfix to address a major exploit we found. More details and our action on those involved will be released at a later date.

We will have another fix soon to address all the bugs we have been experiencing with the latest update as well as some features being re-introduced again! Thank for your patience.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a crucial exploit with GoPostal (Nefarious)


Mafia City RP v2.7.0 - Changelog 2021-08-30


Release Date: 2021-08-30
Version: 2.7.0
Type of Release: General

After a month with no updates, the development team are happy to bring to you all this large update introducing 12 new additions to the server, 7 script modifications & 14 bug fixes. We also would like to formally announce that we will be adding in all the Tuner cars added with the last GTA Tuner Update in the next following weeks.

Hope you all enjoy and have a great day!

  • Added Mozzerella Sticks to Restaurants (Nefarious)
  • Added 20 new Female Hairs and 18 new Male hairs (See below for How to Use) (Nefarious)
  • Added Roleplay Markers Feature (See below for How to Use) (Nefarious)
  • Added Quality of Life Animations (See below for How to Use) (Nefarious)
  • Added New Prison jobs (See below for How to Use) (TadijaS)
  • Added New GoPostal job (See below for How to Use) (Nefarious)
  • Added Delete Button to Character Selection Screen (Rockhopper)
  • Added NHFR as a punishment in warning system (Felix)
  • Added a new coloured map & mini-map (Nefarious)
  • Added scripted PD/SD/MD/DOC badges which can be shown to players (See below for How to Use) (Nefarious)
  • Added New MD Helicopter (Roomba)

  • Disabled looting people outside vehicle from inside vehicle (Nefarious)
  • Lowered looting range to be more reasonable (Nefarious)
  • Made all super cars choppable through chop shops (Nefarious)
  • Made the VPN/IP kick more informative with a UI & delayed kick (Nefarious)
  • Removed police badges clothing item from clothing store (Nefarious)
  • Revamped spectate command (Felix)
  • Fishing always gives 5 fishes now (Balakoth/Rockhopper)

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed trailer locks not working from inside (Nefarious)
  • Fixed goto console message (Nefarious)
  • Fixed Police Helicam bugs (Cyrodii)
  • Fixed cancelling buffing rag crashing game (Heartgg)
  • Fixed Pearlescent colours causing client error at mod shops (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed performance mods no longer applying when you rejoined game (Nefarious)
  • Fixed SNS Pistol and SNS Pistol MK2 not doing any damage (Nefarious)
  • Fixed Ammo not saving when you left the game (Nefarious)
  • Fixed adverts being sent with no limits at Weasel News (Nefarious)
  • Fixed ban command sending staff to quiz (Nefarious)
  • Fixing crouching eventually making you stand (TadijaS)
  • Fixed cars falling through floor and glitching out in MLOs (Heartgg)
  • Fixed custom car plates being locked/unable to be used again when car sold (TadijaS)
  • Fixed motorcycles being rideable even with the engine is off (TadijaS)


Mafia City RP v2.7.1 - Changelog 2021-08-30


Release Date: 2021-08-30
Version: 2.7.1
Type of Release: Hotfix

Quick hot fix to fix some of the major bugs reported with our last release. Have a great day!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed food not adding hunger (Nefarious)
  • Fixed food saying "You are currently eating please wait to consume more" when not eating (Nefarious)
  • Fixed tattoos disappearing when logging in, going in smode & buying new hair (Nefarious)
  • Fixed Roleplay Markers ID showing as null (if it showed as Null, it will be deleted, you'll need to remake it) (Nefarious)
  • Fixed show badge not working in vehicles properly (Nefarious)
  • Fixed showbadge permission description to be more accurate (Nefarious)
  • Fixed Discord Bot replying multiple times to commands (Nefarious)
  • Possibly Fixed downed timer being stuck on 600 (Nefarious)

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Mafia City RP v2.6.1 - Changelog 2021-08-03


Release Date: 2021-08-03
Version: 2.6.1
Type of Release: General

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an error when leaving the Modshop (Felix)
  • Fixed not being able to manage properties from the Corporation Menu (Nefarious)
  • Fixed a bug that would bring you to a different interior when exiting an interior (Nefarious)
  • Fixed Dealerships being unable to import vehicles (Nefarious)


Mafia City RP v2.6.0 - Changelog 2021-08-01


Release Date: 2021-08-01
Version: 2.6.0
Type of Release: General

  • Added the LSC MLO (Mister)
  • Added the Vespucci PD MLO (Mister)
  • Added more mors insurance points for more map coverage (heartgg)
  • Added more boat fish sell locations (heartgg)
  • Added more boat mors locations (heartgg)
  • Added a "Forgot Username?" & "Forgot Password?" field (heartgg)

  • Adjusted DOC & sheriff scout handling (Mister)
  • Changed some props in prison (Mister)
  • Removed the boat sell point for fish at the pier (heartgg)
  • Adjusted operable range of tug boats from each other (heartgg)
  • Removed the ability to get a boat out of a normal mors (heartgg)
  • Restrict fishing more towards out in the water (heartgg)
  • Re-factored the properties colshape system (increased server & client performance) (Tom)

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed factories not saving (Nefarious)
  • Fixed weapon assembly not triggering again after server restart/crash (Tom)
  • Fixed professions data sometimes not saving properly (Ahmed)
  • Fixed flatbeds turning into rockets (Nefarious)
  • Fixed UI resources not loading properly for some players (heartgg)
  • Fixed client sometimes crashing caused by a vehicle's engine turning on (Nefarious)
  • Fixed chat spam after leaving Media Mode ("NOT FOUND BROWSER") (TadijaS)
  • Fixed invisible staff colliding with items (TadijaS)
  • Fixed controls staying active while chat is open (heartgg)
  • Fixed a bug that botched properties when adjusting the rental rates (TadijaS)
  • Fixed getting into the passenger seat of a bike knocking both parties off (heartgg)
  • Fixed exiting a helicopter not giving you a parachute (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed downed players able to frisk (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed NPC cashier headings (TadijaS)
  • Fixed not being able to pull tug boats from boat mors (heartgg)
  • Fixed cuffed / downed animation not working at times (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed phone messages app going blank when overloaded (TadijaS)
  • Fixed an issue with properties going up for sale (TadijaS)
  • Fixed police radar showing plate as 'Null' (Nefarious)


Mafia City RP v2.5.5 - Changelog 2021-07-28


Release Date: 2021-07-28
Version: 2.5.5
Type of Release: Revert

Good morning Mafia City Roleplayers - We're just doing a quick revert on something that was deployed to production by mistake. Nothing to see here. :eek:

Bug Fixes:
  • Reverted mistakenly deployed animation fix.


Mafia City RP v2.5.4 - Changelog 2021-07-27


Release Date: 2021-07-27
Version: 2.5.4
Type of Release: Hotfix

We have some huge updates coming, for now, enjoy a small hotfix.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed syncing issues with radio & talking animations (ahmed)
  • Factory QoL Update + Fixed various issues with config loading (nefarious)
  • Fixed error on playerQuit (heartgg)
  • Updated Quiz System to support longer response and more (heartgg)
  • Removed notifications for $0 fines (heartgg)


Mafia City RP v2.5.3 - Changelog 2021-07-20


Release Date: 2021-07-20
Version: 2.5.3
Type of Release: Hotfix

With the update to RageMP we've had to make some minor adjustments in the backend to support some of the changes they have made. With that being said this should resolve new issues that have emerged from RageMP's latest update.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an error caused by the animationManager (Nefarious)
  • Fixed an error with damage being in decimals (Nefarious)


Mafia City RP v2.5.2 - Changelog 2021-07-17


Release Date: 2021-07-17
Version: 2.5.2
Type of Release: Rollback

We are actively working on another fix for vehicle spawning sync - that will be deployed later this weekend once it's been fully vetted.

Bug Fixes:
  • Rolled back all changes relating to vehicle spawning sync for MLO properties (HeartGG)


Mafia City RP v2.5.1 - Changelog 2021-07-16


Release Date: 2021-07-16
Version: 2.5.1
Type of Release: Hot Fix

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an error that is occurring from the recent vehicle fix for MLOs. (HeartGG)


Mafia City RP v2.5.0 - Changelog 2021-07-16


Release Date: 2021-07-16
Version: 2.5.0
Type of Release: General

  • Added open ended questions & review system for entry-quiz (aka whitelisting) (heartgg)
  • Vehicles submerged in water will now automatically admit themselves to Mors without staff intervention (heartgg)
  • /me & /do commands now accept an ID argument to highlight your roleplay to a player (usage: /me (ID) (message), /do (ID) (message - example: /me 12 attempts to slowly reach into the man's pocket grabbing his wallet without him noticing. /do 12 Would the individual notice this action?) (nefarious)
  • Added impound lots to Sandy Shores & Paleto Bay (heartgg)
  • You will now be notified if you have outstanding fines (heartgg)

  • Repelling has been disabled on all helicopters except polmav (heartgg)
  • Weapons will now be automatically holstered when a player is cuffed (nefarious)
  • Lumberjack forklifts now support multiple spawn locations to prevent overlap (nefarious)
  • Factories have been adjusted to never spawn markers at their doors (rockhopper)
  • Staff below rank 100 will no longer show up in >status or other staff listing commands (nefarious)
  • Clothing management between the F2 menu and B-Menu have been made consistent (rockhopper)
  • Players admitted to the hospital will no longer be teleported to the admitting player after being admitted (heartgg)
  • Additional character slot activation will now work properly (heartgg)
  • Property IDs have been hidden from Keys (tom)
  • Added timestamps to item withdraws for staff reviews (tom)
  • Masks have been removed from the clothing stores and added to the black market (heartgg)
  • Players will now be warned if they are leaving stores with items in their carts (heartgg)

Bug Fixes:
  • Aliases should now load properly - no more amnesia (nefarious)
  • Vehicle locations shifting in MLOs & in general has been resolved (heartgg)
  • Chopshops have been reworked in the backend to hopefully resolve inconsistent breaking (rockhopper)
  • Sniper rifles are now binded to the correct tint category (heartgg)
  • Resolved an issue with player time recording (heartgg)
  • Resolved an issue with staff receiving payall payments when on staff mode (nefarious)
  • Resolved bugs relating to the warn system (nefarious)
  • Resolved bugs introduced with our store UI rework (heartgg)
  • Resolved an issue with downed timers during a server restart (nefarious)

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Mafia City RP v2.4.0 - Changelog 2021-07-11


Release Date: 2021-07-11
Version: 2.4.0
Type of Release: General

  • Department wide Emergency Button (just notifies your department) (Nefarious)
  • Two new police desks, one at Paleto Sheriff, one at Sandy Sheriff (heartgg)
  • Refactored & added automation to the in game report system (Nefarious)
  • Added a LEO helicam w/ spotlight (Cyrodii)
  • PayAll confirmation page (Nefarious)
  • Properties Menu for Corporations (heartgg)
  • Gloves in general stores (Nefarious)
  • Added the ability for PD to ram open property doors (heartgg)

  • Added time remaining in feedback message for gun purchases (heartgg)

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed groups not able to mod their vehicles. (heartgg)
  • Fixed some vehicle images not loading in dealerships' store page (Nefarious)
  • Fixed spamming Y while selling weed crashing the client (heartgg)
  • Internal fixes regarding back-end job vehicle handling (heartgg)
  • Fixed crashing when giving a tip to a stripper that isn't there (TadijaS)
  • Fixed being able to see the location on the GTA V map while blindfolded (TadijaS)
  • Fixed donator keybinds not working at times (Rockhopper)


Mafia City RP v2.4.1 - Changelog 2021-07-12


Release Date: 2021-07-12
Version: 2.4.1
Type of Release: Bug Fix

  • Fixed paying fines at the police desk (heartgg)


Mafia City RP v2.3.2 - Changelog 2021-07-01


Release Date: 2021-07-01
Version: 2.3.2
Type of Release: Hotfix

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixes to vehicle damage detection (heartgg)
  • Fixes to phone messages failing to load properly when in bulk (TadijaS) (Reverted)

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Mafia City RP v2.3.0 - Changelog 2021-06-28


Release Date: 2021-06-28
Version: 2.3.0
Type of Release: General

  • Added Vineyard Job to /professiontop (Nefarious)
  • Added the ability to remove license plates (Feature docs below) (Nefarious)
  • Operation Z Drop (heartgg)

  • Hatchets now do 0 damage (heartgg)
  • Re-worked the Trucking Job (/getpounder to switch a phantom3 while inside it) (Nefarious)

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed /quitjob2 for Vineyard (Nefarious)
  • Fixed /quitjob not working if connected to a work vehicle (Nefarious)
  • Fixed deleting lockers (heartgg)
  • Fixed lockers loading issue (heartgg)
  • Fixed furniture always turning 25lb regardless of original weight (Nefarious)
  • Fixed weed/cocaine sell points on turfs (Nefarious)
  • Fixed editing exterior furniture (Nefarious)
  • Fixed Seasharks not repairable in water (heartgg)

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Mafia City RP v2.2.0 - Changelog 2021-06-23


Release Date: 2021-06-23
Version: 2.2.0
Type of Release: General

  • Ability to lower/raise vehicle windows (B menu, F2 menu, /vwindow (0-3)) (heartgg)
  • Vineyard Job (Nefarious)

  • Rework shop UI to include amount input (heartgg)

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed being able to duplicate armor plates through the clothing system (TadijaS)
  • Fixed Pearl/Wheel Colors unable to be removed when moving back to $0 dollar option. (heartgg)
  • Fixed not being able to remove your beard in barber shops. (heartgg)
  • Fixed still being tied up after /respawn (Tom)
  • Fixed NLR tag disappearing after relogging at times (heartgg)
  • Fixed vehicle lights showing while engine is turned off (heartgg)


Mafia City RP v2.1.2 - Changelog 2021-06-21


Release Date: 2021-06-21
Version: 2.1.2
Type of Release: Hotfix

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Code Locks exploit. (Nefarious)