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Server Rules

Discussion in 'Information' started by Mafia City Roleplay, May 31, 2019.

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  1. Mafia City Roleplay

    Mafia City Roleplay Bot Lead Admin

    Feb 2, 2018
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    General Rules - Roleplay
    Rule NameRule Explanation
    ImmersionCommitting actions or assisting with the committing of actions that break, lesser, or fracture roleplay is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. These actions include the following;
    1. Committing crimes around or within a reasonable line of sight/proximity of areas such as Medical Centers, Police Stations, State Buildings, Banks, or similar areas. Prisoners committing crimes within DOC are exempt within the confines of the prison.
    2. Running into the no-crime-zones listed above to avoid an active situation except for cases where a player has not committed a crime during the situation and is fleeing to the Police Department. Emergency services may also bring individuals to one of these locations.
    3. Using any form of a vehicle for a non-roleplay reason or performing non-roleplay behavior while using them. This includes but is not limited to;
      • "Finishing Taps" is the act of seeing an individual with very low health and tapping them with your vehicle to finish them off, and/or to knock them down without cause.
      • Reckless operation of vehicles in an excessive manner that endangers your life or lives of those around you without a valid roleplay reason.
      • Performing unrealistic maneuvers on vehicles that shouldn't be able to perform them (e.g. Driving quickly on rough off-road terrain using a drag bike or supercar OR driving up excessively steep hills that no vehicle should be able to handle.)
      • "Stunt Jumping" a vehicle isn't permitted. Stunt jumping is the act of jumping a motor vehicle.
    4. Failing to value your own, or another individual's life. (Examples below)
      • An individual must fear their life if there is a firearm aimed at them. Once a player is fired at, they are permitted to flee - at this point the individual would have reasonable suspicion that their life is coming to end, making it reasonable for them to make an attempt to flee in their final moments.
      • An individual may not commit RP suicide unless they are Character Killing.
      • An individual is expected to still be fearful if they are in a vehicle or not.
    5. Failing to value, or use proper voice communications for roleplay. This includes but is not limited to;
      • Trolling, flaming, or insulting another community member in-game.
    6. Failing to use or the misusage of character identities. This includes but not limited to;
      • Failing to use the proper name format of "John Doe"
      • Using celebrities' names.
      • Vulgar language in a name.
    7. No individual has the ability to pause any form of roleplay or attempt to do so for any reason without direct instruction from a Staff Member. This includes using out of character (/b) excessively to complain about or attempt to alter roleplay when it results in substantial pause or delay of roleplay
    8. Committing crime during the day must have valid reasoning to initiate. Busy locations (the pier, busy roads, or areas that would be considered populated RP’ly) must have roleplay put into the concealment of individual identities and their vehicles. Criminal activity should be discrete and off-radar, however, if committing the crime in public is required, it must require planning and effective role play leading up to the moment of the crime. In locations such as banks, government buildings (PD, Gov, MD, etc) committing crimes is not permitted. Examples of valid reasons to commit a crime during the day include but are not limited to:
      1. The individual is part of a group that has recently contested your group's Turf.
      2. The individual has been seen selling drugs or is present at the black market.
      3. The individual has shown that they are armed and showing hostile intent around a groups Turf
      Committing crimes directly relating to or during an active turf contesting scenario or claiming is not considered in violation of this rule, so long as proper roleplay and initiation lead up to the situation. All parties involved must still display reasonable fear of consequences (e.g. Not initiating a claim attempt if uninvolved witnesses are present).
    9. Crimes during the night (between the hours of 8:00 pm-8:00 am) are exempt from Section 8 of Immersion Rules and robberies can be performed for lesser crimes and reasons (e.g: cash robbery, pocket checking, etc). Locations such as Banks and Government buildings are not exempt by this clause.
    10. Combat Logging, also known as disconnecting in a situation is strictly prohibited. In accidental cases such as losing connection/crashing, players are required to reconnect or make reasonable attempts to contact involved parties if unable to do so such as posting in #mcrp-general on our discord within 10 minutes.
    11. Failure to roleplay injuries adequately, including but not limited to:
      • Getting into a major vehicular crash where one would expect life-threatening injuries (e.g. rollover, hard collisions at speeds in excess of 40 mph excluding PITs) and acting as if nothing happened. This may be overlooked if all parties present agree in /b, however, we encourage players to roleplay these situations.
      • Jumping off a 3 story building and running off as if nothing happened
    12. Cop Baiting, also known as committing crimes in the proximity of police offers to initiate a chase, arrest, escalation, etc without a valid roleplay reason. Examples of this include, but not limited to:
      1. Purposely doing wheelies around an officer to be arrested for no valid reason.
      2. Openly breaking traffic laws in the presence of an LEO without a valid roleplay reason.
      3. Purposely reinitiating a pursuit after losing officers.
    In-Game Microphone UsageOur goal is to provide the most immersive environment obtainable through Grand Theft Auto V, we believe that microphone regulations will assist us in our goal.
    1. Community members are required to have an audible microphone. Interference, echoing, muffling, background noise, or using voice changers is strictly prohibited.
    2. Community members are required to use Push-To-Talk at all times.
    3. Community members are prohibited from playing music, sound effects, sound clips, and/or soundboards. Individuals who are operating a business or event with the purpose of entertainment may play music through their microphone.
    4. Community members are prohibited from creating undesirable sounds which include but not limited to – Farting, Belching, screeching, or screaming unless the individual is creating these sounds to add to the roleplay environment. If these sounds deter from the quality of the roleplay environment it is considered a violation at the Moderator’s discretion.
    5. Yelling, Screaming, or escalating the normal sound level of an individual's voice is strictly prohibited unless a situation calls for it.
    6. Usage of a microphone is required for all roleplay. (Playing as a 'mute' is not permitted)
    7. The usage of racial slurs is not permitted.
    8. Usage of languages other than English.

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  2. Mafia City Roleplay

    Mafia City Roleplay Bot Lead Admin

    Feb 2, 2018
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    General Rules - Roleplay
    Rule NameRule Explanation
    DeathmatchKilling or attempting to kill a player without a valid roleplay reason is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. In cases where a player is killing FOR another player (e.g. orders, a hit) the burden of ensuring valid roleplay reason exists lies on the tasking player and not the one carrying it out. In these cases, players should ensure they are obtaining evidence of being tasked with killing another player and by who. The following are examples of killing another player that are NOT valid reasons:

    1. A player hit your car in a traffic accident.
    2. A player slightly insulted or disrespected you.
    It is expected that all individuals of Mafia City Roleplay attempt to contribute to scenario building. There should always be a great deal of consideration before another individual's life is taken. Ensure the reasons you have for killing another player are reasonable. We want to avoid the "Dude hit on my girl" situations, as these will not be tolerated.
    Crash PolicyCombat Roleplay Situations (Powergaming Violation)

    In the case of server crashes or restarts, ongoing roleplay scenarios that were interrupted are considered completed with the exception of:

    • Situations involving Law Enforcement Officers (Police Department, Medical Department, Department of Corrections, and Department of Justice)
    • Robberies, Hostage Situations, Vehicle Pursuits, Combat Situations, and other situations similar.
    • Turf Wars / Turf Captures
    In cases of the above, the situation prior to the server crash is paused for 10-minutes once the server is back online unless all parties involved re-join the scenario. Any individual that does not re-join the scenario will be considered in violation of this policy. Any individual that is unable to re-join a scenario must make a reasonable attempt to notify those involved through Discord within the #mcrp-general channel within 10-minutes. Players that are finished off via sufficient roleplay (those in a downed state where roleplay was completed to consider them dead) may not re-join the situation as this would be a violation of the Revenge Killing rule. If for any reason the players who were finished off are no longer in a downed state they are required to leave the situation and the New Life Rule is in effect. Players in a downed state but not finished off (Player Killed) must resume roleplay and are considered downed.

    With the exception of the provided examples, involved players may agree to restart or continue the roleplay situations but are under no obligation to do so. Any roleplay done is considered null and void if it is not restarted or continued.

    General Roleplay Situations (Combat Logging Violation)

    During individual player crashes, roleplay is to be paused if possible for a maximum of 10-minutes per our combat logging rule. If a player does not or is unable to re-join during that duration, involved players on the opposing party (individuals not associated with the player that crashed) have the ability to terminate roleplay unless in situations where:

    The party of the disconnected/crashed player agrees to proceed without the disconnected player (Example: Two gangs involved in a robbery, a player from gang A crashes, all members of gang A agree to proceed without them. Gang B must continue the roleplay.)

    If roleplay is able to be continued, involved players must reasonably attempt to roll back to positions and circumstances of how the roleplay scenario was prior to the crash. No individuals may prematurely resume roleplay unless specifically directed by a Staff Member.

    In situations where assets were lost (Weapons, Cash, Drugs, Vehicles, etc) the individual who lost the items must submit an Administrative Request on the forums. Staff Members in-game do not have the ability to issue refunds. In cases where assets are not lost, but positions or values are rolled back due to the crash players must attempt to continue roleplay. You may not contact staff to have assets moved after a crash.
    Killing on SightKilling or attempting to kill another player without valid initiation or doing so without allowing sufficient time to comply with demands. Valid initiation is not granted on every character when it is given to one character in a situation unless they are directly involved and contributing. In cases where a player is ordered to shoot in a situation prior to initiation being met, the ordering player is held liable. Players should ensure they are obtaining evidence of this. The following are examples that are not permitted:

    1. "Hands up or die"
    2. "Do X in 5 seconds or die"
    3. Killing a player for not complying with demands before a reasonable amount of time has passed UNLESS the player clearly attempts to escape or resist in response to the demand. As a "reasonable amount of time" can change drastically between various demands, this is up to moderator discretion as to whether a reasonable amount of time was afforded or not.
    It is expected that all individuals of Mafia City Roleplay add to the overall immersion and character building. Valid initiation must be done. The requirement for valid initiation is considered waived in situations fitting at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Witnessing a character seriously harming or physically threatening the life of someone your character has close relations or group/corporation ties with. (exception made to PD who can assist anyone being seriously harmed.)
    2. Witnessing a character arresting (excluding detainment) someone your character has close relations or group/corporation ties with. You must have reasonable suspicion to believe that the arrested individual is going to be facing charges that would put them in prison for a lengthy amount of time.
    3. When an individual has reasonable suspicion that they are about to be arrested for a felony or it is specifically stated they are about to be arrested for committing a felony. Reasonable suspicion is determined by the reviewing Moderator to determine its impact on the roleplay environment.
    4. The individual is part of a group that has recently contested your group's Turf.
    5. The individual has shown that they are armed and are showing hostile intent around a groups Turf
    This allowance for lack of valid initiation ends once the situation is no longer active. Interruptions greater than 5 minutes will require valid initiation to be done upon the re-initiation of a roleplay.
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  3. Mafia City Roleplay

    Mafia City Roleplay Bot Lead Admin

    Feb 2, 2018
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    General Rules - Server Offenses
    PowergamingRoleplaying an action that is unrealistic, forcing an action on another player, or enacting certain play-to-win tactics. You are required to give all players a sufficient amount of time to respond to roleplay, and in return all players are expected to respond to roleplay in a timely manner. Powergaming includes, but is not limited to:
    1. You may not force death (Character Kill) of another character in a roleplay situation
    2. Players are prohibited from respawning in active roleplay situations unless first aid has not been applied within 10 minutes, transfer to a medical center has not begun within 30 minutes, or their character has been finished (Reference section 7)
    3. Refusing to respond to roleplay actions (/me, /do, etc). Including but not limited to offenses that stall or prevent roleplay.
    4. Providing false information in roleplay responses via the /do command.
    5. Failure to use /me and /do to confirm when performing forceful script actions (e.g. dragging, cuffing, looting/frisking, etc) on other players.

      When performing the following forceful script actions against a downed player you are not required to use a /me and do not have to receive a /do confirmation:
      ___1. Frisking or looting a player that is in a downed state.
      ___2. Tieing or blindfolding a player
      ___3. Cuffing a player

      For items that would be located on a player through roleplay but not through script functionality (E.g. items that cannot be physically taken) a /me and /do are required, the following are examples:
      ___1. Body Cameras
      ___2. Identification Cards
      ___3. Items that would be located on a player only through the means of a /do (E.g. Car Keys, Property Keys, etc)
      ___4. Cell phone or Radio

      You must perform a /me and receive a /do confirmation in situations where you are attempting to move a downed player. When an individual is finished off (reference point 7) no confirmation is needed for any roleplay.
    6. Continuing active resistance (e.g. running away, violent resistance) after being hit with a taser two times in a given situation
    7. You are required to respawn once the timer permits if other parties have completed sufficient roleplay that would consider your character to be dead. Sufficient roleplay is required - You are still expected to value another individual’s life. Examples of acceptable finishing:
    /me leans down towards the man, thrusting his blade into his heart.
    /me aims his firearm down towards the man, pumping a single round into his chest.
    /do Would he resist this? or /do Success?

    Once your character has confirmed the kill with the downed player by using the required /do confirmation, you are no longer required to wait for roleplay confirmation (through /do) when interacting with the player's dead body as this player is dead and would no longer have the ability to resist/continue roleplay.

    MetagameMixing of out-of-character information or information obtained out-of-character, in-character, is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. You may ask individuals to get online, but you may not state the purpose. Getting in-game after hearing of a situation out-of-character for the purpose of getting involved is also prohibited.

    Statements that refer to buttons, mouse movement, or staff are strictly prohibited, the following statements are examples:

    1. “The Gods are coming”
    2. “Flex your (Button) muscle”
    3. “If your hands were a keyboard”
    4. “If your eyes were a mouse” Statements such as "If I were a keyboard", "If my hands were a mouse", "If this is a game I would" or similar statements are strictly prohibited. Questions should be redirected to discord or on our forums.
    Aliasing someone with out-of-character information is strictly prohibited, aliases may consist of character names or nicknames only. (Nicknames don’t include things like “Cop 1” “Cop 2” “Kill this guy”) Any violations that are found will be removed and subject to a punishment.
    Robbery LimitationsYou may only rob an individual's cash on hand and items within the inventory. You may not rob Police Officers, Medical Department, Department of Corrections, or Department of Justice for any of their duty weapons.
    Revenge Killing (E.g. New Life Rule)When you die you forget everything leading up to your death. Unless you have a valid roleplay reason, you may not return to the scene of your death for 15 minutes. This is to prevent the ruining of scene roleplay. You may not re-join the roleplay scenario that you died with any of your characters regardless of how much time has elapsed.

    For the purposes of the New Life Rule, death is defined by respawning. Being revived by a medic is not considered death as you are transported to the hospital and resuscitated. Death by respawning is not considered a character kill, meaning opposing characters involved in the situation may still use information from that situation against you. Death by character kill is considered actual death of your character, resulting in the removal of all associated situations with that character.
    Gross RoleplayGross Roleplay is strictly prohibited in any public setting. All players included in this roleplay must express their consent before and may revoke their consent at any time during the roleplay. This includes:
    1. Dismemberment
    2. Rape, Sexual Assault, and Molestation
    3. Incest
    4. Necrophilia
    In-Character Sexual Harassment is not covered by this rule.
    Chain of CommandYou are expected to maintain our Chain of Command as a community member, failing to do so is prohibited.
    1. If you have an issue, attempt to contact a support member first. If no one is present you may move up the chain until you find someone.
    2. You are required to follow any specified processes within Mafia City Roleplay.
    3. Spamming staff is prohibited.
    4. The Chain of Command goes as follows:
      Helper > Support > Tester > Jr Moderator >Moderator > Senior Mod > Admin > Senior Admin
    Multiple Character LimitationsPlayers are permitted to have multiple characters on Mafia City Roleplay, you are expected to hold a majority average on the character that is a part of a group. Failure to do so can result in removal from a group. Continued abuse can result in group membership limitations.

    Players are prohibited from having multiple characters in the same group or corporation.
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  4. Mafia City Roleplay

    Mafia City Roleplay Bot Lead Admin

    Feb 2, 2018
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    General Rules - Server Offenses
    Text ChatNewbie Chat The command /n is for support purposes only. This is not for conversations, nor reporting. Consistent misuse of this channel will result in a warning. Advertisements Posting advertisements should be realistic and reflect your business or purpose. Posting advertisements just to bash another player or to shit post will not be tolerated.

    Examples of GOOD advertisements

    1. "Come to Lenny's Cuts for the best haircut in town, right next to Mission Row police department!"
    2. "Come to J&J's Barber, the only thing the competition is cutting is the quality!"
    3. "J&J's Barber & Lenny's Cuts, ever hear of them? Me either! Come to Bastion Cuttery next to Grove Street apartments!"
    Examples of BAD advertisements

    1. "Fuck bitches get money Inc. now open, come fuck bitches today! My number: XXXXX"
    2. "J&J's barber is complete and utter shit, come to Bastion Cuttery!
    Local Out-Of-Character Chat
    The command /b is for local OOC communication to make life easier. Please do not misuse this chat as a means to complain OOC. Please continue roleplay scenarios and report players on the forums for all complaints. Excessive usage of /b that does not result in a substantial pause or delay of roleplay will be punished under Text Chat Misusage.
    Account Theft & Out of Character ScammingAny individual whose account becomes compromised or losses items due to their own negligence will not be refunded.
    Real-world TradingThe act of exchanging in-game currency, items, or other tangible benefits for the trade of anything OOC is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Real-world currency
    2. Real-world services (IE: Graphical, literary productions)
    Releasing Quiz Responses or QuestionsNo individual may release any of the questions or responses of our Entry Quiz. Anyone caught doing so in the form of text, images, voice, or video will be punished.
    ModificationsAll modifications are in a grey area, some are permitted, some are not. Contact a Staff Member to better figure it out.
    Client-Side modifications that do not impact others or give you an advantage over others or otherwise alter gameplay are permitted.
    Modifications or third party programs designed to alter your game, bypass or change script features (e.g. an AFK macro) or otherwise give you an advantage are strictly prohibited. These modifications are also known as Hacks.
    Bug AbuseAs a community member, you are required to report any bugs or system flaws as soon as you find them. Tamper with, exploiting, or using a bug will result in a ban.
    Ban EvasionAttempting to circumvent issued punishments or bans by any means is strictly prohibited. Community members are expected to serve out or appeal issued punishments as intended.
    Providing False InformationYou may not provide false information or doctored evidence to a Staff Member. You may not provide altered, edited, or modified evidence on Staff Complaints, Player Complaints, or Ban Appeals. All evidence, facts, and information submitted to the Staff Team must be truthful and legitimate. Attempting to alter the outcome of any Staff Decision through means including but not limited to; lying, providing false evidence, blackmail, or any other form is strictly prohibited.
    Asset Sharing Between CharactersTransferring money, assets, or any items between characters is prohibited. This includes asset transfers via proxy. (Example: Bill gives Tedd $20, Tedd give Bill's other character the $20). Generally speaking, assets from one character should not be received by another character.
    Money FarmingGaining money, assets, items, etc through illegitimate tactics will result in a character wipe and a temporary ban.
    Final RulingMafia City Roleplay staff have the final ruling in all situations, they have the ability to pause and terminate roleplay situations, and issue punishments as they see fit. The constant questioning, pestering, or heckling of a staff member's decision will result in a punishment. Rule trolling, or constantly attempting to twist or alter rules in your favor is prohibited.
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  5. Mafia City Roleplay

    Mafia City Roleplay Bot Lead Admin

    Feb 2, 2018
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    Properties, Corporations, and Group Rules
    Rule NameRule Explanation
    Maintaining ActivityAny player of Mafia City Roleplay that holds the main ownership status of a Property or Corporation that goes into inactive status for more than a month will have their Property or Corporation automatically sold by our systems.
    Out-Of-Character Requirements (Group-Specific)As a community that requires voice communications, we understand the necessity for groups to have out-of-character requirements. Groups may hold the following requirements; limited to:
    1. Date of Birth / Age
    2. Individual's Activity
    3. Corruption Limitations (only applicable to San Andreas Law)
    Any and all requirements must be approved by the Mafia City Roleplay administration. Terminations from violation of Out of Character requirements are Out of Character in nature. The only information the involved parties receive is that they have been terminated.
    Group Creation (Name)All groups must have realistic and descriptive names. Any group with a non-realistic name will be deleted without notice. Examples of names that are not permitted, but not limited to:
    1. Names that have no association to anything (E.g. "Gang gang", "Gang Land", "Bunny Gang"). Group Names should represent some form of an entity (Names such as "Grove Street", "Ballas", etc are acceptable).
    2. Names that are specifically for the purpose of trolling. (E.g. "Los Santos Police Department", "Los Santos Gang Department").
    3. Names that do not make sense (E.g. "Anime", "Bang", "Hood", etc)
    Overall you should ensure that your group name makes sense, such as but not limited to:
    1. Gang names ("Vagos", "Ballers", "Crips", "Bloods", etc)
    2. Mafia / Organizations ("Black Hand Triads", "Gambino Family", "North Coast Cartel", "The Maceo syndicate")
    3. Literal Group Names ("Chello Motorcycle Club", "18th Pool Hall", etc)
    Generally, the group system should not be used for businesses. We have the corporation system for this exact purpose.
    Corporation Creation (Name)All corporations must have a realistic business/corporation name. Any corporation with a non-realistic name will be deleted without notice. Examples of names that are not permitted, but not limited to:
    1. Names that have no purpose ("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", "Yo", "Yes", etc)
    2. Inappropriate names ("Turd Baby", "Fucks McGee", "Shit", "Fuck", "Shi Ton Mai Palace", etc)
    Overall you should ensure your corporation names make sense, such as but not limited to:
    1. Business-centric names ("John's Bar", "John's Tranny Service", "West Coast Customs Autoshop", "Bingo 24/7s", etc)
    2. Individual-centric names ("JJ's Services", "Bob's tools", "John's Eats", "Jonathan Allen's gourmet foodery", etc)
    3. General business naming ("B&B Clothing", "Vanilla Unicorn", "Bates", Jonathan's", etc)
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  6. Mafia City Roleplay

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    Feb 2, 2018
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    General Community Rules
    Rule NameRule Explanation
    ThreatsThreatening a member of the community that is on an MCRP platform such as server, discord or forums is entirely unacceptable. Exceptions can be made for situations that are not on an MCRP Platform such as if the situations pertaining to threats to release confidential/personally identifiable information or if serious threats of bodily harm to a member or their family members are made.

    Serious being defined as more than just a simple comment (e.g., I'm going to kick your ass for this) but one that drags on and continues with multiple threatening comments, the reporting party must tell the individual to stop, that they are uncomfortable or that they are in fear for their life. They will also state that the situation will be reported if it persists. In the instance that the aggressor continues in this situation, Mafia City Roleplay will be forced to take action in the situation and punish the user for threatening another community member.
    Leaking Unpermitted InformationThe intent of the release of confidential information, personally identifiable information or link-able content to Community Members is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.
    AdvertisementsAdvertising of another community, project, or page directly relating to another community is prohibited. To clarify you may speak about another community but not advertise.
    Intercommunity Community BehaviorInsulting, bashing, harassing, threatening, or leaking community content of another Grand Theft Auto V community will not be tolerated.
    Paypal / Donation Charge BacksAny chargeback initiated towards Mafia City Roleplay will result in a community-wide ban, without notice. You may only appeal this ban by canceling the dispute and will be required to pay a $50.00 USD Administrative Fee.
    Forum Rules
    Forum BehaviourHarassment, flaming, trolling, attacking or slandering community members is strictly prohibited, as well as any other consistently disrespectful behavior.
    Complaint and Ban Appeals specific rules
    ResponsesYou may not post on a complaint or ban appeal that does not directly involve you. No individual may involve themselves in any manner into a complaint or ban appeal that does not directly relate to them. (E.g. "He did it to me before too! But I have no proof!")
    Statute of LimitationsPlayer complaints for incidents that occurred more than 72-hours prior to posting are not valid. Players are expected to report their issues in a timely manner and not stockpile evidence to report further down the line.

    The original poster of a complaint may request the complaint to be retracted but must provide sufficient reasoning. The Staff Team still reserves the right to deny a complaint retraction if the offense is severe enough.
    Evidence UploadingAll evidence posted on the forums must allow viewing without requiring a download. This can be done by uploading videos/screenshots to third party sites (e.g. Streamable, Youtube, Imgur, etc.) and providing a link to it. Evidence posted that does not follow this requirement will be ignored and removed. To be considered valid, the evidence must be un-edited and include complete audio.

    Any content posted on Mafia City Roleplay for use as evidence on any complaint, appeal, or report is considered associated with it. Tampering with the content used in this manner (e.g. removing, editing, or otherwise restricting it) is considered tampering with evidence. When using other players submitted content as evidence it is expected to re-upload it and keep it unlisted. Tampering with re-uploaded content by means of seeking copyright infringement when it follows this requirement is strictly prohibited.
    Mob MentalityMob mentality is something we try very hard to steer clear from, and as a result, no individual may "I enjoy this idea/I dislike this idea", "Support", or "agree" in response to a complaint or ban appeal.
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