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    further chopping improvement

    Now that chopping has had its much-needed improvement implemented there's one minor issue, the server restart. The restart removes all the cars from the server that are left out, if you plan to chop a few hours before the restart its OK but 5+ hours after the restart there is nothing, my...
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    couch's rule suggestion for Housing Limits for Corporations

    X number of houses per corp member might be a better solution, get ready for a house price crash when people are forced to sell over such a short period.
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    Need Feedback Undercover Weapon Usage

    My crim has more assets and money than my LEO, 10-15k an hour is nothing.
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    [BUYING] House in chumash

    Looking for a house in chumash with a garage preferably with beach access. hit me up on 5238791 Not spending more than 1.6m
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    Bring the old armor vest back

    there are some hidden/suit options already in Rage as well that are not available in the store which would be great if they were added.
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    Prev Suggestion Remove the in-game radio system form Emergancy Vehicles

    Just hold Q to turn off the sirens?
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    Pending Script Revamp Chop Shops

    Yes! My character started as a mechanic stealing and chopping but the more the economy inflated the more pointless it was to chop cars.
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    Better late than never?

    Hey, I'm Jack, Julian or Richard from the UK. Been playing MCRP since early 2021, before MCRP I played a bit of SA-MP every so often but I've always been more interested in FPS games, I've been gaming since the Game Boy Color was released. I only got into MCRP because a few friends recommended...
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    Denied Rim and Tyre selection

    Suggestion Title: Rim and Tyre selection Suggestion Category: Roleplay Server Suggestion Sub-Category: Vehicles Suggestion: currently, all rims you can choose from is very limited and I think are mainly from the High-end category which doesn't really fit well for Muscle cars...