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Recent content by Clostros

  1. C

    Prison Time Change

    Suggestion Title: Prison Time Change Suggestion Category: Roleplay Server Suggestion Sub-Category: off duty Suggestion: Currently, depending on the crime, prison times can be very long which i agree with, however theres not much rp if there is no guards on duty. My suggestion is to...
  2. C

    Show more vehicle info in HUD

    Make it an option to toggle rpm and gear so people who don’t want it don’t get their screens “cluttered” up
  3. C

    Add Death Penelty or Full Life Sentances

    I like the permanent jail sentence because you can still escape if you are smart, however I don’t agree with ck as it shouldn’t be the other people’s choice to kill your character (you could rp that our “state” made death penalty illegal)
  4. C

    Denied Reduce time on suspended license

    mate my driving license is suspended for like 2 years ooc lmao
  5. C

    Longer jail sentences

    No from me but I would say yes if you could do the time offline so your not sat around all day doing nothing
  6. C

    Implemented Deadline of Reports

    Someone had to do it :)
  7. C

    Healing/Reviving Circle

    Yeah that’s a good point actually.
  8. C

    Vehicle upgrades purchased in stages

    I enjoy this idea from me
  9. C

    Implemented Deadline of Reports

    Even without blackmail you could rob someone IC and they have an old vid of you breaking a rule so they decide to take their anger ooc and report you
  10. C

    Make drug supplies only accept cash

    agreed, it's not like the drug dealer gonna turn round and be like, would you like to use debit or credit?
  11. C

    Denied MDC Shows Which Wanted Player Is On

    The cops already "find" people who have warrants. I was chilling and fishing at pier when police rocked up and detained me and searched me. I asked why they were here and they said they tracked my number plate. MY GOLF BUGGY DOESNT EVEN HAVE A NUMBERPLATE
  12. C

    Denied Hydraulics On The Golf Cart

  13. C

    Loose Phone And Radio with /respawn

    These people out here only looking for what helps them more rather than making it more realistic.
  14. C

    Make repairkit lighter.

    I enjoy this idea from me