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Recent content by iDulvious

  1. iDulvious

    Add Civilian "Departments"

    Aviation Commision could also be another civ department who regulates licenses and safety and shit
  2. iDulvious

    Add Civilian "Departments"

    29-3 Bump |||
  3. iDulvious

    iDulvious's rule suggestion for Non RP Driving

    Rule Name: Non RP Driving Is this a rule addition, change, or removal: New Rule Suggested Rule Text: Breaking real life driving practices or not valuing your life without a RP reason is strictly prohibited. What are the benefits of this rule: Adds more immersive driving. (I know...
  4. iDulvious


    Lumber is used to make furniture. Higher level lumberers can chop different trees. Same concept with the rest.
  5. iDulvious


    Same thing with fishing. Restaurants would have to work with fishermen either low or high level who sell their seafood to the restaurants so they can cook it up. Whole fishing markets, unions, companies can be formed like this. You would need to add a cooking update also tho.
  6. iDulvious


    Monolith is basically a semi serious dark rp server on gmod. There are like 10 other things that use this format. Along with farming there could also be mining and fishing and lumberjacking reworks that all use the same format. Here are some examples. Mining and lumberjacking adds more steps...
  7. iDulvious


    These prices / payouts are from monolith forums so obv they would need to be adjusted to MCRP economy.
  8. iDulvious


    In addition you can have a new form of "factory" for civilians and corps. They would be called farms and yield higher quality crops that sell for more.
  9. iDulvious


    Suggestion Title: Farming Suggestion Category: Roleplay Server Suggestion Sub-Category: Legal Suggestion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNu1PWLE_Xo - Farm Anywhere (Like weed you can place pots anywhere) - Different crops earn different money - Farming leveling/skill system...
  10. iDulvious

    Add Civilian "Departments"

  11. iDulvious

    Dead bodies - UPDATED

    Imagine a coroner lol. 1+ from me but gl getting it added anytime soon :(
  12. iDulvious

    The Grimm Order

    LSTU is the best gang. LSTU are the biggest clappers in all of MCRP
  13. iDulvious

    Same with onions. Fuck that

    Same with onions. Fuck that
  14. iDulvious

    Tomatoes are fucking nasty

    Tomatoes are fucking nasty
  15. iDulvious

    Add Civilian "Departments"

    The OG Life Guards would also be a great example of this. Coast Guard checking boating licenses and RPing with tug boaters to make it less grindy would be another good department.