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Recent content by Matt

  1. Matt

    Gang baiting

    You do realize that beesechorger booger fart noises?
  2. Matt

    Calling Cops

    I don't agree with this suggestion. As @Michael Wilson said, criminals should make sure that the area is clear before committing a crime. I understand that sometimes things get hectic and you don't have time to check the area before something goes down; in these cases, a criminal wouldn't want...
  3. Matt

    Players to be killed after downed

    After reading @Shorty and @Skizee's suggestions again, I realize now that it absolutely makes sense to have a way to finish people when downed, as long as there's a good reason. For example, you shouldn't be able to finish someone just by running them over once and speeding away, but something...
  4. Matt

    Mafia City RP - Changelog 2019-12-26

    very cool very epic, I enjoy this idea
  5. Matt

    Players to be killed after downed

    I wasn't trying to twist your words. My apologies if it came off that way. I was simply trying to make the point that I don't agree with the prospect of using a simple command to finish people off. I believe that, even if there is a keybind to do something quickly in-game, that shouldn't void...
  6. Matt

    Players to be killed after downed

    No, it's not the same logic. I don't agree that crosshairs should have been removed, so I don't know why you're using that as an argument. We can check the logs for someone ignoring a /me or /do, we can't check logs for someone using a built-in crosshair. They aren't the same. Did you really...
  7. Matt

    Players to be killed after downed

    I disagree with this suggestion. There would be absolutely nothing stopping every single person from just finishing someone they down. Instead, you can just RP doing something to them while downed (such as cutting their throat), and waiting for their response of if they resist or not. If the...
  8. Matt


    Welcome to MCRP, Shannon!
  9. Matt


    We have no plans to stop punishing people for breaking the rules. That's...what punishments are for.
  10. Matt

    Modification Suggestion Remove Instant Headshots

    Hello @heartgg, I have changed the title of this thread from "Instant Headshots" to "Remove Instant Headshots" for clarity purposes. Thank you, Matt Moderator
  11. Matt

    Add a hotkey for belt

    I suggest the "/" key.
  12. Matt

    MEdical Marijuana Dispensary

    I agree, there should be legal ways to use marijuana. I also think there should be a license for medical prescriptions that must be shown. If a character uses a reason such as psychological problems or G.I. issues, and they're caught neglecting to RP these medical issues AFTER obtaining a...
  13. Matt

    Modification Suggestion Allow Changing of Chat Font Size

    Suggestion Title: Allow Changing of Chat Font Size Suggestion Category: Roleplay Server Suggestion Sub-Category: chat Suggestion: Super simple suggestion; I'd love the option to change our chat font size. I just prefer smaller chats, and I know some prefer larger chats to read easier.
  14. Matt

    Hey Y'all

    Welcome to MCRP!
  15. Matt

    Need Feedback Choose Spawn

    Hello. This message is to inform you that I changed the title of this thread from "Player spawn" to "Choose Spawn" for clarity reasons. Regards, Matt Moderator