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  1. ProclaimedShadow


    I really do hope that this gets added as I think that there should be more spice to the server as I am done with drinking water all the time and soda
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    Nice to see the ooc rules which i think helps to produce very good rp!!
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    Actual Email service

    This is for the whole server that will be used as like gmail. There are other email services but what I am suggesting is the admins create the gmail for tis server
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    Actual Email service

    Thread Boost
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    Colored radar/map

    To be honest, for me there is no reason for this.
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    MCRP Drug System Concept

    I do like the conecpt of the drugs and very well desgined but with the meth market there should be two types which are crysal meth that should be only produced in a rv or a outside setup and for a facotry they should make these pills called "Yaba". Yaba is meth but in a form of a pill and in...
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    Actual Email service

    Suggestion Title: Actual Email service Suggestion Category: Roleplay Server Suggestion Sub-Category: Civlian Emails Suggestion: As EMS, PD, SD, DOJ, DOC all have websites that have a functioning email I think that this server should also have a email service but give access to those who do...
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    Make a visible /ame when trying to call Emergency services

    ye but at the same time people will slip up and see that oh shit he is calling the cops and maybe not his friend as if someone if looking at you irl you see a text that says who you are texting to
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    Make a visible /ame when trying to call Emergency services

    I agree to the hand ups or doing a spefific animation but not a /me as people will meta the hell out of it
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    Fukaru Event TIme

    Hello, so Fukaru is hosting a racing event this Friday but there is just one isse, the timing. Please respond to this thread so that I am able to host the event where everyone who is interstead can join. The given time are 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm EST.
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    But also on gta 5 mods website there are resource packs that can be implemented
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    Well isn't possible to be able to create these posters and then implement them in a resource pack that is required to download. I am willing to help companies make these posters and such
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    Hi, I'm ProclaimedShadow

    So I've been in this community for about 4 months and this is my first ever roleplay server. I'm from Switzerland and I am currently in school. I play a huge amount of video games.