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  1. Laced

    The Family

    New bratva?
  2. Laced

    [SOLD] 4 Cougar Ave

  3. Laced

    [SOLD] 4 Cougar Ave

    Here are some exterior photos if anyone wants to see em
  4. Laced

    [SOLD] 4 Cougar Ave

    House Auction Details: 4 Cougar Ave Bidding will start at $1,000,000 Bidding must be in increments of $100,000 Current Bid: $2,500,000 DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to end/cancel this auction at any time and for any reason Property Details: 4 Cougar Ave, lovely house near the Pier...
  5. Laced

    Rule Update: Vehicle Deathmatch

    Good change imo :)
  6. Laced

    Denied Realistic car repair price

    Just make it so if the car has 90% health it’s cheaper to repair than something like 70 or 50%.
  7. Laced

    Ski's rule suggestion for Rule 20 on immersion "you can not loot when LEO is around"

    Should at least be altered to make it if cops are in sight of you because how’s a cop gonna see me behind a wall or some shit.
  8. Laced

    Recent Asset Transferring Punishments

    It’s not a character wipe it’s just 10pts and loss of assets that were transferred which imo is light as they could have already profited from those assets in other ways.
  9. Laced

    Denied Add property tax for owners of propeties.

    Yes and a way to tax evade with a chance your property can get seized maybe.
  10. Laced

    Denied add Shawarma

    B-tech tacos brah
  11. Laced

    Denied Adding Planes/Helis

    Corporation helicopter would be sick, for like 3-5million though.
  12. Laced

    Laced's rule suggestion for Removal of alliances rule

    Rule Name: Removal of alliances rule Is this a rule addition, change, or removal: Rule Removal Suggested Rule Text: Remove the rule that states “A group above tier 2 of the OIG system must ally with a t1 official group”. What are the benefits of this rule: Groups not being forced to roleplay...
  13. Laced

    {Auction} 14 West Eclipse Blvd

    Would pay 150k for it
  14. Laced

    [Selling] 20 Bay city Avenue

    Any updates on the auction?
  15. Laced

    Can you enable client side mods?

    ENB reshade etc works fine rn it’s just clothing other visuals that dont
  16. Laced

    [Selling] 20 Bay city Avenue

    Bid Withdrawn -West
  17. Laced

    (AUCTION) 109 Jamestown

  18. Laced

    Nivaurum's rule suggestion for Immersion

    I enjoy this idea I guess.