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  1. Dan Edwards

    (CLOSED) - 1st Ace Jones Dr

    Temporarily closed. Auction details Bidding will begin at $0 Biddings allowed from $50,000 and above. Buyout price at the door will be at $5,000,000 As owner of the property I have the right to stop the auction at any time. After auction is ended, winner should reach out to 4237-137. -...
  2. Dan Edwards


    Starting bid - 100k Buyout - 5m Increments - 100-500k. SOLD to: Milo Chow (Only 100k, 200k, 300k, 400k, 500k bids) 1 Ace jones DR is located in the northwest of Vinewood hills surrounded by other luxurious houses/mansions. This property is one of a kind, no other house is looking like it. It...