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  1. jandodnb

    .50 Cal Snipers

    Suggestion Title: .50 Cal Snipers Suggestion Category: Roleplay Server Suggestion Sub-Category: Immersive Gun Fights Suggestion: If anyone were to be shot by a 50 cal sniper then they are immediately classed as dead on the scene. There is literally no possible way anyone is going to...
  2. jandodnb

    The Wages Of Sin

  3. jandodnb

    [Auction] Selling 3 Forum Drive Apartments

    Currently selling 3 Forum Drive apartments. Per apartment Starting bid: 250k Increments: $15k House Buyout: $400k Selling: 50 Forum Drive 109 Forum Drive 121 Forum Drive I reserve the right to close this auction at any time for any reason. When placing a bid please let me know which...
  4. jandodnb

    jandodnb's rule suggestion for Proper Initiation / demands

    Rule Name: Proper Initiation / demands Is this a rule addition, change, or removal: Rule Change Suggested Rule Text: I feel that for a proper initiation to be performed, a weapon should ALWAYS be present and preferably pointed in the direction of the person you're giving demands to. It...
  5. jandodnb


    Triad societies originated in 17th century China when the Hung Mun came together in an attempt to overthrow the Qing dynasty in an unsuccessful bid to restore the Ming dynasty. Members were expected to regard each other as blood brothers, which is perhaps why they have become known colloquially...