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  1. Meakz1

    banshee is back??

    banshee is back??
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    whats good everyone!

    Whats good, my names Devonte MCRP was the first community i really enjoyed back when i joined in June of 2020 i joined the server back then from one of my good friends who told me about it. OOC im a 16 Year Old From New York i play a lot of games like valorant GTA and ECT i never really liked...
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    JoeyC's rule suggestion for KOS

    Yes GO JOEY!!!
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    Vladimir Zemleakov and his crazy life adventure

    amazing video vlad!!
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    dad?! is that you?

    dad?! is that you?
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    I'm sorry but what fisherman has 10 Mil lmao
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    Gracie [UPDATED]

    love it!!!
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    hellohi am WhoreHey

  10. Meakz1

    Implemented Mozzarella Sticks

    LETS GO @TheBearski 100 UPVOTES
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    Implemented Mozzarella Sticks

    I support
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    A Semi-Goodbye

    @StoriBook bye bye mom :(
  13. Meakz1

    Mafia City RP v1.12 - Changelog 2021-09-05

    Would be cool if you could use your toros for weapon part crates
  14. Meakz1

    Crowest's rule suggestion for Fear Rp (Law Enforcement)/ CSA/NCZ

    i 100% agree with this
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    Gang Tattoos and HQs

  16. Meakz1

    Reduce Amount Of heavy Snipers in PD

    you must be hard headed bro.