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  1. Schwarzy

    Tax returns on our hard earned paycheck! (IC AND OOC)

    I agree that the tax funds many of our public services. I just believe if i am paying for our public services, and its a substantial amount of my paycheck, that i should get some type of return on the tax, so it don't feel like the government is just taking from its civilians.
  2. Schwarzy

    Tax returns on our hard earned paycheck! (IC AND OOC)

    Suggestion Title: Tax returns on our hard earned paycheck! (IC AND OOC) Suggestion Category: Roleplay Server Suggestion Sub-Category: Jobs Suggestion: We should be getting tax returns on our hard earned dollars. We are hard at work, and the government decides to take money out of...
  3. Schwarzy

    bigger nerd

    bigger nerd
  4. Schwarzy


  5. Schwarzy

    Hello MCRP!

    Welcome to MCRP!
  6. Schwarzy

    The Story of Jayden Baked

    Cant wait to see the scenarios you come up with!
  7. Schwarzy

    Implemented Gas station

    Agreed, I enjoy this idea
  8. Schwarzy

    Well Hello!

    Welcome to the community!
  9. Schwarzy

    Prev Suggestion Dark Web

    Interesting idea, and would love to see what could come of this.
  10. Schwarzy

    Super Speeders

    This'll be awesome, as long as you keep it active!
  11. Schwarzy

    It's nice to be here

  12. Schwarzy

    Jacob Inglewood/Jinglewood/Nacho

    Love you brother, glad to see you here! Inglewood for life!
  13. Schwarzy

    Whats up everyone I'm Schwarzy (introduction)

    Well Hello to everyone reading this, my name is Danny or Schwarzy, it does not matter, anyways, I'm 19 years old and live in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States. I am also in love with Hockey, and if you aren't, im not sure we will get along ;) jk, of course. I'm a College Student...
  14. Schwarzy

    Glad to be here.

    Glad to be here.
  15. Schwarzy

    Daniel Inglewood

    Daniel Inglewood