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  1. Rahul

    MDC compatibility with iPad

    Have you tried opening it in desktop mode? Click the 3 lines in the top right and try it out
  2. Rahul

    Pending Script Remove/Edit Vehicle Keys

    I think this would certainly help, but I feel like property keys are a much more important feature than vehicle keys. People didn't have an issues with vehicle keys before this, the issues lied with property keys.
  3. Rahul

    Announcement Mafia City RP v1.9.0 - Changelog 2020-09-20

    Wow, you guys are so boss.
  4. Rahul

    Tattoo Shop Paleto (For Sale)

    Man up gambino
  5. Rahul

    [For Auction] The Only House on Banham Canyon Drive.

    Are there still cocaine cooking co-inhabitors?
  6. Rahul

    [SELLING] Massive Humongous Luscious Vinewood Hills Mansion With Garage!

    Offer of 300k ASAP still stands, I can find you ASAP
  7. Rahul

    [SELLING] Massive Humongous Luscious Vinewood Hills Mansion With Garage!

    I can give you 300k within the next 18 hours.
  8. Rahul

    The Ubiquity of Website roleplay

    This is a very good topic to bring up. I fully agree with you to be completely honest. When you look deep in to it, there is very little citizen-PD roleplay. Especially regarding your comment on crime reports, its stupid to be turned away and told to send an email. You do get some great...
  9. Rahul

    [Auction] Vespucci Canals Home

    I'm out.
  10. Rahul

    Test Drive

    I love this idea, it doesn't make sense for dealerships to spend over 300k just to test drive with the possibility of the client not purchasing the vehicle.
  11. Rahul

    The best goth of MCRP

    The best goth of MCRP
  12. Rahul

    Hi i'm Bazil.

    Best paramedic, no cap :cool:
  13. Rahul

    Looking for a luxurious property!

    Hey! What kind of price would you settle for?
  14. Rahul

    Catch me at Central

    Catch me at Central
  15. Rahul


    Hey Sufyan! "Lil bitchhhh" is your motto, you forgot to mention it :D<3
  16. Rahul

    What's good? I'm Steve Arby

    Happy? :p