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    Roleplay Introduction

    You have a point but it's the cynical one. People can be inspired and just because there will always be 'lazy' people doesn't mean we can't reduce their numbers. We will never get a whitelist or any adequate test that couldn't be cheated past, so we may as well give it a shot
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    Roleplay Introduction

    Suggestion Title: Roleplay Introduction Suggestion Category: Roleplay Server Suggestion Sub-Category: Tutorial Suggestion: Throughout my time here it has been mentioned on multiple occasions that this is a roleplay heavy server, but it seems a number of people either disregard...
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    remove atm taxes

    I tried to read this but it was probably the most unnatural thing I've ever read. It's like the post was written by an AI or something. If anything we should be raising the ATM tax by another 40%, then we can collect the tears of all the crim players.
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    Mafia City RP v1.8.10 - Changelog 2020-08-11

    It seems history is doomed to repeat itself.
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    Denied DoJ handling IA reports

    Very much an IC issue. This was even discussed by City Council at one point. Like the above LEOs are held to standards ooc and require permission for corruption.
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    Raise clothing prices

    People already dress like they're wearing the least smelly clothes in their wardrobe so no thanks.
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    Business Transparency

    Absolutely. The fact is this just limits the city's ability to administrate the properties effectively. I enjoy this idea
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    House Renting System

    I think it's better handled IC, like @Ydrahx said we just need property keys.
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    Allow LSPD to remove properties, vehicles and items

    If this is ever a thing I'd rather something like FIB or similar take charge of this. Police typically don't have tax evasion units, it's usually the tax agency having their own criminal investigation unit.
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    Adding to Immersion Rule

    I see where you're coming from, its not ideal, but it does have its place. People do struggle with writing and some are even just dyslexic, so imo let them have their out.
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    Mayor Job

    We do have a city council, but I'd love a feudal system san andreas personally. Could you imagine, Duke Jamble of Lower Vinewood?
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    Another Fishing Spot

    I wouldn't just add spots without adding a little spice honestly. maybe make some of the areas more lucrative to fish at, lock them behind fishing profession level or something.
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    Fascina Magazine

    Volume 1 has been released!
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    Fascina Magazine

    Fascina is a 100% free magazine aimed at restoring taste and style in the state of San Andreas. The first volume was painstakingly built by one man, and one man alone, Gaye Jamble, with the sole intent of eradicating tastelessness. Whether you're bored, just curious, or need something to read on...
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    Police Protest- The People's Voice

    Fantastic coverage and well formatted. Good stuff.
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    Implemented News article section on the forums

    Expand the suggestion to include all in character media and I'm down.
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    More Hats!

    anything for the pursuit of fashion I enjoy this idea
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    Don't Gamble, Vote Jamble!

    Every day in San Andreas, a gay man is brutally assaulted for his sexuality. Every day, a man desperately waits for medical services to bring life into his dying body. But every day, that man stands back up and he finds a way. That man is Gaye Jamble. In the wake of my former colleague, Afolabi...