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  1. oven

    What Makes A Good Job?

    making da cok pros: watch da netflix con: watch da netflix too long ):
  2. oven

    Black Market Advertisements

    The "Dark Web" should be accessible by anyone, but there should be secret chat rooms you can create within it and in order for someone else to join they should enter in a code/pin. This way these chats can be infiltrated by detectives and what not but would still be something you can only access...
  3. oven

    [For Auction] The Only House on Banham Canyon Drive.

    Gonna bid on this, just a question. If I buy this house cops can no longer bother my cooks in the back right, because legally its mine?
  4. oven

    Mafia City RP v1.8.31 - Changelog 2020-09-13

    I dont like this patch.
  5. oven

    Mafia City RP v1.8.15 - Changelog 2020-03-09

    Okay but my guns and attachments?
  6. oven

    Character Swap Time Limit

    I'm voting no because I am offended by your example.
  7. oven

    Need Feedback Remove shield from weed/coke.

    I agree with this.
  8. oven

    QOL Weapon Changes

    That doesn't make any sense, stuff like silencers and extended mags SHOULD be illegal attachments. Its like saying cops should be allowed to use coke to get even more armour because its in the game.
  9. oven

    Small druglabs

    Thats the plan, for gangs to take over the areas and contest for it...
  10. oven

    Small druglabs

    ill give this another bump good suggestion
  11. oven

    QOL Weapon Changes

    PD is already stronger than criminals from having insanely tanky scouts to extra armour. The guns being added won’t add an advantage but will change the meta and what guns people use, attachments like the suppressor and scope won’t give any combat advantage either but the extended mags if done...
  12. oven

    QOL Weapon Changes

    Edited it to include the COMPACT RIFLE, as that's another gun that makes sense.
  13. oven

    QOL Weapon Changes

    The point is that these attachments are ILLEGAL. So no PD would not be using ILLEGAL attachments to guns. Also this server has custom dmg for their guns I'm pretty sure the damage can be changed to perfection I guess. Attachments can be balanced by making sure the parts required to make it...
  14. oven

    QOL Weapon Changes

    Edited the post so you guys can check out the images of the guns : D
  15. oven

    QOL Weapon Changes

    This is not nice, i'd even go as far as saying it's bullying.
  16. oven

    QOL Weapon Changes

    Suggestion Title: Weapon Changes Suggestion Category: Roleplay Server Suggestion Sub-Category: Weapons Suggestion: After having the same guns in circulation ever since the server has released without any real reason for not adding more I think it is time to introduce more weapon variants...
  17. oven

    Crime Doctors by Em & Panda

    I am in agreement with this suggestion as long as it is tweaked a bit to allow for erp in these said locations.
  18. oven

    Discord Rules Update

    Am I still allowed to use discord instead of in game radios like I always have been? So much easier!
  19. oven

    Wanna Get Away?

    pretty ironic to say the least