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  1. EliteGhost

    The Labazanovskaya Bratva

    They Push us Down but We come back Stronger than Ever.
  2. EliteGhost


    Hey, Please Place a Admin request here: https://mafiacity-rp.com/forums/index.php?form/16/select
  3. EliteGhost


    Suggestion Title: Hatchets Suggestion Category: Roleplay Server Suggestion Sub-Category: Jobs (Lumber) Suggestion: So It would be nice if we add a new hatchet to the server. This would be profession-based. so for example. If you are profession 100 you can but this hatchet. so it...
  4. EliteGhost

    Implemented MDC PD/SD seperation

    Was implemented- Archived
  5. EliteGhost

    The Russian Mafia

    Hey, Not to be Toxic but a few Tips. I would recommend changing the ranking system as it does not make sense that much. For Example Consigliere - It means Godfather. It is used in a Mafia but not in a Russian Mafia. " Consigliere (/ˌkɒnsɪliˈɛəreɪ/;[1] Italian: [konsiʎˈʎɛːre], plural...
  6. EliteGhost

    Prison Sentence times

    I like it and Not. That will make the server more Chaotic as You can Do what you want and not worry that you are going to Jail. This makes you think if it's worth it
  7. EliteGhost


    Please Post and Admin request here : Link: https://mafiacity-rp.com/forums/index.php?form/16/select
  8. EliteGhost

    Gun disappeared

    You need to place this in an Admin Request. Link https://mafiacity-rp.com/forums/index.php?form/16/select
  9. EliteGhost

    Hey All! Bye all :(

    Okay, so this the time for a better Explanation, So I sent the above message just to get it over with... So as you know I play a character with the name of Daniel Nolen, I'm sure that most of you heard of him IC or OOC. Anyway, Recently I was not feeling that well Physically and Mentally. I...
  10. EliteGhost

    Hey All! Bye all :(

    Hey, So just wanted to release this Public as almost no one knows about this. So Recently I have not been Roleplaying that much. I had a lot of Real life issues with Family which were not the best. Also, let's say I was not in the best Mental Shape neither. So after some thinking, I Decided to...
  11. EliteGhost

    Denied Drug Benefits

    So we already had something similar to your suggestion and It would be top Overpowered. Criminals already have Access to better Weapons that PD and SD do. They have armor now also. If we add something like that I think it will be to Overpowered. Sadly its going to be a no from me :(
  12. EliteGhost

    Daniel Nolen

    So it's been a while. So After the last time, he talked to Ana he Couldn't stop thinking of her. One day he was on Patrol and Gets a 911 call to a Party that it was being Hosted by Vlad and Ana. He arrived to see a man Entering a Private Property with a .50 on his hip. He goes to Enter the...
  13. EliteGhost

    Staff Team Update - December 2020

    Welcome <3
  14. EliteGhost


  15. EliteGhost

    Crim Doctor AKA Mob Doctor

    Its a nice thing but its already in use. Some people treat Cims off the grid without telling PD wich can be nice OOC corruption
  16. EliteGhost


  17. EliteGhost

    You better not be dead.

    You better not be dead.
  18. EliteGhost

    iRitz's rule suggestion for Value Your Life - Hospital Roleplay

    Not sure if this is what you meant but is it like a bleeding system. If so great idea !
  19. EliteGhost

    It was fun while it lasted ♥

    You are going to be missed. Also thanks for the great RP :p
  20. EliteGhost

    Love you BB <3

    Love you BB <3