A thank you to Countryyy from Jimmy Booker

Jimmy Booker

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Nov 7, 2022
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Who'd you like to thank? Countryyy
What would you like to thank them for? Countryyy took time out to interact with me, as an unknown, both in group and one on one chats. I learned a lot about the streets and new perspectives from PD. I truly hope to see more special interactions with staff like this. It put a face to what is normally just PMs. And while I understand that's a separate deal, it was fantastic to gain a deeper insight into the workings of a department I initially joined the community with the hopes of joining. I truly enjoyed both the RP and OOC interactions all around. Sometimes the littlest ripples make the largest waves.

How did this impact your experience? Putting a face to the messages is important. It creates a humanizing experience beyond just getting base-level customer service. It shows staff truly care, and it's a level of professionalism that goes a long way toward retention. I know I'll keep coming around as long as I see fun interactions/RP like this happening. I absolutely hope to see more of this.