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Adriano Traviani

Discussion in 'Character Stories' started by Dhragnar, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. Dhragnar

    Dhragnar Newer Guy

    Mar 13, 2020
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    Adriano Traviani 28 years old, an Italian American that was born in New York. Adriano had a difficult childhood but tried to make the worst of it, his family was poor so they had to survive with what his mother Gabriella made as a maid and his father Giulio working in a restaurant as a cook. After reaching his 20 Adriano decided to try to find some work or money on the streets trying to help his parents from their poverty but things in New York weren't looking great. Gangs, corruption, robberies, and especially the landlord were putting pressure on him, so after getting himself mugged he met Johny De Luca, from a mob family that decided to pity the kid and took him under his wing to teach him a few skills to survive around. After a few years of learning, he finally joined the De Luca family thanks to Johny boy, become brothers and best friends during his youth.

    The thing started to look good for him and his family, being able to afford a new place, having a car, "living like a normal human being for crying out loud" he thought to himself but as everything in New York tend to happen the happiness didn't last for long, turf wars were taking down the family, slowly losing power and resources. One night John had a meeting with Adriano about the whole situation. "When it's the right moment boy, you run and don't look back you go forward, understood?" and Johny boy explained how dire that situation was. The family got wiped out the next night, all in a hit on their main safe house. Luckily by then, Adriano was out of the city on a plane to Los Santos, looking for a new start and a new way to provide for his family and who knows....maybe establishing one of his own. c4580eb4b95b31b9eaa80bde7f0fc128.png
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