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Alessandro "Moz" Feccia

Discussion in 'Character Stories' started by BushYdoT, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. BushYdoT

    BushYdoT Newer Guy

    Feb 25, 2020
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    General overview of his attributes and statistics:

    Full Name: Alessandro Feccia
    Nickname: "Moz"
    Age: 28
    Date of Birth: September, 11, 1991.
    Zodiac: Virgo.
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
    Nationality: Pure blooded Italian
    Tattoos: Stylized "Galeotto" on the left side of his neck. Stylized "Clan Mariano" at the center of his neck. Stylized "cap’e mort" on the right side of his neck. Stylized "Fedelta', Onore e Rispetto" on his collarbone and many others without any specific meaning all over his body.
    Hometown: Naples, Quartieri Spagnoli, Italy.
    Height: 6' 4'
    Weight: 94 kg.
    Character’s body build: Defined muscle features, fit overall physique.
    Eye Color: Blue.
    Hair Color: Brow.
    Type of hair: Wavy.
    Hairstyle: Ponytail.
    Complexion and skin tone: very light shade of brown.
    Shape of Face: narrow.
    Scent: often smells like vanilla.
    Voice: soft; easy to listen to.
    How does he dress?: Depends on the situation, but she mostly wears baggy and loose clothing.
    Current Residence: Los Santos, USA.
    Occupation: No specific title.
    Hand-to-Hand capability: He's quite skilled in street fighting, he learned it the hard way, by getting beaten over and over.
    Special attributes: Has a cunning eye, can spot danger almost instantly.
    Strength: Very capable, his physique helps him.
    Planning:He's not entirely good at thinking things through. He lets his instincts take over, ruled by sheer gut feeling.

    Personality Attributes and Attitudes:

    Educational Background: High school diploma, finance sector.
    Intelligence Level: Slightly above average, though his street smarts can complement any lackings.
    Languages: Fluent in English, Italian and somewhat able to speak Romanian.
    Any Mental Illnesses?: PTSD, paranoid schizophrenia.
    Character’s short-term goals in life: Trying to achieve his dream of ruling over his own set.
    Character’s long-term goals in life: Set himself into a high position in the criminal underworld and retire, possibly with his future kids by her side.
    How self-confident is the character?: Very, he rarely doubt his decisions even when proved wrong.
    How does your character feel about love: Love is just something that happens, as such, he let's it happen.
    How does the character show affection/love?: Through his actions, he does /everything/ for the loved ones if he feels the same from the other side.
    How does the character show handle grief? Can the character cry?: He tends to keep his cool when people are around, but when he's alone he usually breaks down, mixing his feelings with the drugs.
    How does the character handle pain?: Very well, his background allows him to take a very good beating, he will break way before bending.
    Is the character typically a leader or a follower?: Leader.
    Describe the character’s sense of humor: Cynical, dark humour.
    Nervous Tics: He begins to tap his foot on the floor when idle.

    CHAPTER 1: "Ti voglio bene, mamma."

    His mother, Alessia, died soon after giving birth, hence he never had the opportunity to know her. That sole fact molded his entire childhood, from his father beating him up when coming back from work, after getting drunk, to his childhood friends on the block, smoking hashish and weed together.
    At the age of 16 he got into juvie since 18. Then he got transferred to one of the worst prisons in Naples, Casa Circondariale Secondigliano.
    He ended up in that situation after one of his older mates brought him on a deal, it went south and he had to stab multiple times a dude in the opposite party, killing him in the process.
    His father died while he was in prison, but it didn't phase him in any way, shape or form.
    After he got out, he found himself jobless and homeless with possibly a rightfully angry family wanting his blood for what he did.

    CHAPTER 2: "Onore, Fedelta' e Rispetto"

    *In progress*

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