Alexander "Yaakov" Yingcheng's Story

Childhood and Teenage years

Alex "Yaakov” Yingcheng was born to David Yingcheng and Josie Zhenni born in Seattle in the state of Washington on the 4th of July, 1993 at Harborview Medical Center, Seattle Hospital, Seattle Washington. His father is a doctor and philosopher. His mother was a poet and a teacher with both families settling in the US after the Chinese Civil War his grandfather was a war veteran for the nationalist army. From a very young age, his grandfather would take him with his grandmother to explore nature teaching him philosophy and teaching him of his Jewish origin and telling him about the Kaifeng Jewish community and about Zionism and Three principles of the people to ALWAYS hate the communists the evil people. He also would teach him about their family’s origin. And so, In Washington’s capital Olympia, they’d meet other Chinese people and Taiwanese people. He'd learn Mandarin and Taiwanese Mandarin, Japanese and a bit of Hebrew but never to a high level. On his 7th birthday, His parents would greet him with the news that he was going to have a younger brother, Jake would be born 9 months later. Personality wise, He’d usually be quiet and kept to himself but would talk to people and socialize from time to time with people and be ALWAYS respectful as he
learned to be.

On his 13th birthday, He’d have a bar mitzvah. And so, in his teen years, although he IS Jewish and isn't ashamed he is only spiritual and does his best for his studies and gets good grades. From age 13, Choosing he wants to be able to defend himself, He learns martial arts Taekwondo and Judo which takes him time to be decent enough in it And so, Once he turned 16 He and his family left home to do Aliyah to Israel the Rabbi Traveled with them to prove they were Jewish. And so, He’d go to the university of Tel-Aviv where he takes courses in learning Hebrew where he’d develop an American accent. As he turned 16 and a half he was summoned to the Military base in Haifa with a translator to validate him in perfect shape. And so, At age 17 and a half, he’d get the letter of being accepted to service. And so, Once he finished high school and learned Hebrew, He’d start his service in the ground forces, joining the 933rd “Givati” Brigade. He was sent to be in the 432nd “Tzabar” (Cactus) Infantry Battalion given the M16 Rifle. During his service, He’d take part in the war of attrition fighting against Syrian forces in Golan Height. Once he ends his services, He’d begin his new life by moving BACK to Seattle.

Adulthood life:

After his services in the military, He would begin applying for Seattle University Law School where he began his studies of Criminology. During that time, He’d also found the love of his life and met Jason Wilkinson and others who became good friends during his 2nd year and married soon after. Once they graduated, They bought a house and had a firstborn son at age of 25. And so, At age 27 once he got his master’s degree in Criminology, He registered to also study Forensics getting his degree in it. Afterward, His aunt told him of the city and thus he left to Los Santos.