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Antonio "Toni" Fernandez

Discussion in 'Character Stories' started by Jsteww15, May 14, 2020.

  1. Jsteww15

    Jsteww15 Newer Guy

    May 8, 2020
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    Name: Antonio Francisco Jose Fernandez “Toni”

    D.O.B: 18/May/1985


    Antonio was born in Tijuana, Mexico to his mother Maria and father Francisco. At two years old Toni was taken from his family by the Mexican cartel as ransom due to his father not paying an owed drug debt. Francisco was never able to pay the ransom of 1 million peso which resulted in Maria’s life being taken, they were soon forced to kill Francisco as well and were left with Antonio now age 5. The cartel brought up Toni and eventually led him into smuggling drugs across the border which he did until he was in his 20’s. Over time he would meet a young woman in the cartel in her 20’s, Adriana Gomez. They were quick to form a deep connection, something Toni had never had and shortly after would result in Adriana being pregnant. Knowing they would both be killed by the cartel if anyone found out they attempted to escape on the next planned run and never look back. After the deal was complete, Antonio and Adriana took the money and fled Mexico instead of returning to the cartel finding themselves in San Diego. Both Toni and Adriana were able to lay low under a fake alias and were able to raise their child Jose for half a decade before the cartel was able to hunt them down again. Antonio was forced into the same scenario that his father was in owing the cartel 1 million peso only this time, they would kill Adriana and Jose if the debt was not paid. The cartel gave him the unrealistic timeline of a month to pay the debt and this led to the death of Antonio’s wife and son. Toni fled San Diego after this in hopes of starting a new life in Los Santos.
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