Beach Squad


A beautiful sunny day was in Los Santos. Bob Turt and Collin Farrelly working as lifeguards rescuing people at every chance they had. But they weren't satisfied with their salaries, so they started to dabble in the weed business. Save lives during the day and sell weed during the night. They made a small fortune, that is until Joey Ferarri came along and started messing with their business. He started messing with every gang's business. And so, everyone united under one banner, under Bob Turt and Collin Farrelly, to bring down Joey Ferarri. So it started, Beach Squad came to life, made up of people wanting to do good but also make a profit.


Risking their lives on the high seas to save as many as they could, however, Beach Squad started getting angry at how many teens consume drugs and party recklessly, falling off of their boats or drowning at beach parties. They saw with their own eyes how corrupt the police are and how they would not do anything to stop the drug trade that poisoned the streets of Los Santos. So they thought the best thing to stop all of this madness or at least lessen it would be to control the drug trade themselves. Control the city and become the biggest organization.

"Left unchecked disorder increases over time. Energy disperses, and systems dissolve into chaos."

The Research

What would be the best way of taking over the city and defeating all of the gangs? For a gang of lifeguards, they wouldn't really know much about how the city worked, so Bob set out to research the market. He would sit at Black Market, risking his life to talk to people and find out who they are and what they know about the city. Bob became famous for it, even given the name "Black Market Clerk". Everyone thought he was there to help the people with what they needed to buy, but in fact, he was gathering knowledge. He researched the market for years, gathering contacts and strengthening his reach in the City.

The Present
Two ambitious young men, Leonardto Gucci and Vincenzo Gucci flew into the city. Wanting to escape from all the chaos that was happening in Italy with the Gucci family, they came to Los Santos to start anew. Found themselves at a dealership trying to purchase a car with the cash they had on them, the trust fund was in between bank transfers from Europe to the States, and it would take much longer for the banks to approve the transfer of such a high amount of money. The brothers knew that it would take a long time and so they tried swindling the dealership into selling them a car with the prospect of a loan. That would be the first moment that the Gucci brothers would encounter a failure in this new city. Destiny would make it so that Bob Turt was at the same dealership and saw them, he saw the potential they had, so he recruited the Guccis in Beach Squad.

Bob taught them how to wear the infamous Red Chinos and how to save lives, how to be a true lifeguard, and preserve life, but also, during the night, as he had all the knowledge, he taught them how to make money. Set them up in his spot in the mountains along with the other members of Beach Squad and together they made money. The Guccis were happy that they were getting along well in Los Santos, but one day, Bob Turt made them do more than camping, he made them steal cars and other criminal activities, and so Vincenzo Gucci was not happy anymore. He wanted to leave this way of life and so he did. He went legal and started his own business.

Beach Squad would continue to strengthen their power over Los Santos but they wouldn't know how to take over the city. Ambitious and brilliant Leonardto had a plan, and for that, Bob Turt made him the leader of Beach Squad. Using Bob's contacts, Leonardto took control over the lifeguards and the coast guard and started setting up the plan on how to control the drug trade in the city. He managed to secure a HeadQuarters for Beach Squad and boost the abilities of the organization. However, amidst all of this, an important hideout and forward base of operations of Beach Squad in Grape Seed has been robbed of all of its weaponry. By a member of the organization called Holly Smith. Leonardto found and recruited him in Paleto Bay at the clothing store, no other word could describe him other than a "hobo". He showed him the ways of Beach Squad and considered him a "friend", that is until he betrayed the trust and stole from the hideout in GrapeSeed. Ever since, Leonardto Gucci and Alejandro Plume, a respected member of high command in Beach Squad would set out every day with one objective in mind, find and show Holly Smith "The View", a brutal way of finishing off those who betray Beach Squad. Ever since that day, Holly Smith became the worst enemy of Beach Squad, and still, search parties are going out to find him, but to no avail.

Saving lives during the day, controlling the drug trade at night.

"The end justifies the means"
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