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  1. Hello everyone, so no one has really posted much on the site from what I have seen and lets work on changing that! So first thing first my name is Brewer, I am 19 years old andcurrently stationed in Okinawa, Japan for the next 2 years of my life which I only have a year and a half left at the time of this post. Why am I here? Well the lovely United States Air Force decided to throw me this way and I didn't really have a choice, I am from a small town back in the States and I didn't really want to come to Japan. Although Now that I am here I am loving every moment of it, "Island Life" is so amazing I get off work and I can go to any beach or any waterfall I want with no worries. At work we have a saying that every weekend isn't just a weekend itsa vacation. Alright now a little bit about me as far as the community goes, so I am our Media Manager/Moderator. What do I do? I help keep our Graphic's Designers and all of our Media content in line. It is pretty simple and we are always looking for more staff for the team in the Media Section! As far as moderator duties right now I monitor the discord and keep all of the little trolls under the bridge away. So now to get towards the closure of this post, my expectations and where I want to see my self in the community. I anticipating a very successful launch once our development is complete, with all of the support we have from the already striving community I feel that life will be good here. Where I want to see my self, well to be honest I want to move up to an Admin position and help more in the community once we approach a closer release date along with Admin in game and make sure our community is having an amazing experience!

    Thank You,

    Media Manager/Moderator
  2. Great introduction... now I feel obligated to post one. Thanks, Brewer..
  3. Oh hi there Mr. Brewer, welcome to the community! I hope you become something big, and great, and loved by many,'re fired!


    Glad to have you on the team and take a big interest in everything. ;*
  4. Thanks Brother hope the sand box is going well o_O