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Department of Justice weekly announcement - 11/22/20


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Apr 15, 2020
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Statement from the Office of the Director

My fellow citizens of San Andreas. First, I would like to apologize in regards to not releasing an announcement last week. While it was certainly my intention to do so, however several things kept me from making the announcements I wished to. That said, I can finally talk about a few things that I’ve been working on for some time now, that I believe the city needs quickly – I’ve mentioned some of this in the past, and some of these have found their way to the top of my docket.

Firstly, I have implemented a new policy within the Department of Justice. This policy empowers the employees of the Department of Justice to investigate, and if found guilty, remove, the leadership of the department, should the member of the leadership team become negligent in his or her duties. This policy cannot be changed without approval from the heads of other departments, and thus should there ever be another Director, he or she cannot simply decide to do away with the policy. Giving my employees this power ensures accountability from the individuals in charge of the department, and it also ensures that, the department, and by proxy, the city, shall never again suffer due to an absentee Director, Attorney General, or Chief Justice. I personally urge other government agencies to enact similar policies for the well being of the future generations of their respective departments.

Secondly, a new statute has been fully approved, this statute shall give our Law Enforcement agencies a new tool in their kit to aid them in times of unrest and violence on the streets. I would like to state firmly, that this new policy is heavily regulated and monitored by the Department of Justice, and requires our approval to enact. While I will not put the full statute here in this format, I will share some of the key details of the statute. The full details of the statute will be available on the Department of Justice website in the coming days.

Martial Law
Any law enforcement agency (LSPD, SASD, SADOC) may request that their jurisdiction be placed into a state of emergency if certain conditions are met. They must provide evidence of the need to the Department of Justice.
  • During the state of emergency, citizens within the affected jurisdiction(s) are forbidden from wearing anything that would conceal their face.
  • Law enforcement will have the right to detain and question individuals wearing any form of facial covering.
  • Law enforcement will have the right to detain, question, and search groups of individuals wearing any form of facial covering.
  • Any charges for crimes committed during the state of emergency, within the affected jurisdiction, are mandated to be punished with maximum time, and maximum fines.
  • Delta Units (S.W.A.T., S.R.T., T.R.U.) will be allowed to patrol within the affected jurisdiction.
  • Traffic stops will be conducted as felony traffic stops.
  • Citizens will have sufficient notification before martial law begins.

I believe that, given the violence often found on our streets, that this policy will give our law enforcement some means by which to handle the gang violence that plagues our otherwise peaceful streets. While some may find this policy extreme, I would urge those individuals to spend some time at our LSES facilities and watch the number of gunshot victims being brought in for treatment. I would urge them to count how many of the individuals being brought in are law enforcement officers, gunned down for little more than a simple traffic stop.

The Department of Justice will not stand idly by while officers are being shot for little more than a speeding ticket. Nor will the Department of justice remain silent while our citizens are being terrorized by gang violence in the streets. I will declare this here and now, while those individuals accused of crimes will always receive fair and unbiased representation from the department’s attorneys, while those same individuals will always receive fair judgement from the department’s judges. The Department of Justice will not tolerate, nor be idle in the matters of empowering our Law Enforcement agencies to keep our streets safe.

For full transparency, I will state this here and now; For those of you whom believe that I should remain neutral in these matters – I am not. I stand on the side of law, and laws are by designed made to keep order and peace. I have never been, and will never be, neutral in this war on crime. I will continue to enact and create laws, as necessary, to give law enforcement the power to keep the streets safe. Furthermore, I have no tolerance in some breaches of the law, and you can be assured that for the most heinous crimes, I will convict people within the fullest extent of the law.

Faithfully your servant,
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