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    Welcome to our first development blog! The last time we spoke to you we announced our community's development. Since then we have gained a good bit of following with our discord growing rapidly. Our team has been working very hard to get us on track for our release.​


    Mafia City Roleplay will be assisting with the development of the GTA:Network to RAGE.MP bridge. Our reasoning behind assisting with this bridge is simple, we want to assist with the creation of a modification that will live far beyond any community. Without a strong backing behind RAGE.MP all our efforts for Mafia City Roleplay would be pointless.​


    Before we move into our development announcement, we would like to take some time to welcome some new additions to our team. Each one of them has something special that they are bringing to the table.

    • Rick was brought onto our Development Team.
    • Kurtuva was brought onto our Moderation Team.
    • J. Brewer was brought onto our Moderation Team with a Media emphasis.


    At the speed our development is moving, we should be good to begin a private testing phase starting in about a month. We will handle select individuals who are active within our community and are willing to provide as much feedback as possible. During this time we plan on having our Media Team and our affiliates who publish to Youtube and Twitch show off our features, more on this in a future development blog.

    Our hopes that once our private testing is completed, it should not take too long to launch our public beta test which will last roughly two-three days.​


    Mafia City Roleplay is breaking the wheel by refusing to define ourselves using the traditional scale of "Light, Medium, or Heavy Roleplay". Our goal is to provide the most immersive environment that is achievable, our regulations and features are to assist with players immersion. Any player that directly ruins, destroys, or detracts from immersion will be removed from the community.

    In simple terms, our roleplay type is Immersive.​


    With our progress moving quickly, we have to make some decisions regarding legal groups. We made a choice a couple weeks ago to make Clyde Strick the group leader for the Los Santos Police Department, you may kow Clyde as Seabrook or Seagull on discord. You can visit for more information.​


    Player Owned Vehicles
    House System

    • @2002#6146 has been given Hype Team for inviting five or more players to our community.
    • @=DRK=pvt chris#2079 has been given Hype Team for inviting five or more players to our community.

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