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Development Blog #3 | In theory...

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by Public Release, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Public Release


    Feb 26, 2018
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    :p DEVELOPMENT BLOG #3! :eek:


    Welcome to the third iteration of our development blogs! Time flies and it feels like yesterday that we started this project. We have been focusing on the planning of features rather than implementation over the past two weeks. Features such as the economy and its preservation, taxation and the funding of factions, and various other topics that we believe are important.

    We would like to take some time to thank our dedicated community that has been following our updates.


    Mafia City has not had any recent staff changes, we are still looking to expand our development and moderation team. Anyone who is interested should message an administrator for more information.

    Staff Roster


    Our goal is to provide a level of immersion that is unseen, a community that offers extends an invite to everyone, and an enjoyable environment for everyone. We understand that waiting as we develop this community can drag and feel like forever, so our question to is: Would you like us to start having a community meeting for open conversations? Please vote here.

    This can help elevate any questions en masse and bring a sense of togetherness amongst everyone. We encourage you all to invite your friends and discuss, play other games together on the Discord, play games or create discussions on the forums, create a sense of community!


    Mafia City will always be a fluid community, bringing changes and improvements at every turn possible. We have recently posted a couple new topics in the Announcements and Information sections of our forums, these threads outline how to become a faction leader and the current roster of faction leaders.

    Development Tracking
    We decided it was time to redesign the way we internally track our current and future developmental projects, by doing so we are confident it will increase our output as a community. We would like to thank those who assisted with this redesign.​

    Community Rules
    We have tried to put a good amount of thought into our rules. We would hope we could plan for every single issue. However, rules are something that is developed organically over the lifespan of a community. If you have any suggestions regarding these rules feel free to message an administrator.​

    We have begun discussions and writing up plans on ways for how the overall Administration team shall be working and ways to keep the integrity of the Moderation team and so forth. Such as regulations and guidelines to follow, training and hiring processes, how to handle situations and work together.​

    Future Plans
    We have mapped out a plan on what we want to achieve and how to achieve it; plans and implementations we want to handle and discuss, and overall community growth over the course of the next month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.​

    Keep an eye out for an upcoming landing/home page. :p


    Thanks to Jorge, some major updates have happened to the forums.
    • Better optimizations have been made to have the forums run a bit smoother than normal.
    • More edits to the overall style of the forums, making it cleaner and easier to look at and navigate.
    • New add-ons installed and integrated into the forums, some soon to be implemented fully such as the new BB code design when creating/replying to a thread.
    • Structural edits to how groups and forums behave.
    If you have any suggestions, fixes, or questions regarding the forums; please send a PM to Jorge

    As always our development team has been working very hard! Over the past two weeks they have been setting up system structures, nothing too flashy to show off! Sorry!​

    • The Administration Team would like to thank Clyde Strickland and the Los Santos Police Department for their dedication and hard work, building a faction from nothing is no easy task.
    • MCRP would also like to recognize Pasta and his sick musical beats.

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    #1 Public Release, Nov 4, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 4, 2017
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