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Development Blog #4 | Look to the horizon, I see the future!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by Public Release, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Public Release

    Public Release Bot Moderator

    Feb 26, 2018
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    Time flies and this development blog is late! This is the fourth development blog in our series, and we have a couple interesting things to talk about. Over the past two weeks, we have continued to seriously discuss upcoming features such as Administrative Functionality, Faction Abilities, and other systems we previously planned. We have been in talks with individuals that could greatly benefit our community. More on everything below.

    • Lenny has been brought onto the Development Team.
    • Dylan has been brought onto the Development Team.
    • Jamie has been brought onto the Development Team.
    • Timmeh has been brought onto the Development Team.
    • Jimmy has been brought onto the Moderation Team.

    Anyone following our development blogs can see our development team has been steadily growing over the past months. Our goal is to create an unstoppable force with the ability to churn out work without issue! We want to combine as much knowledge as possible to create the best systems there are, so allow me to break down our development team.
    • Austin is the Development Administrator.
    • Rick is a Script Developer.
    • Dylan is a Script Developer.
    • Timmeh is a Script Developer.
    • Bradley is a UI/Web Developer.
    • Jamie is a UI/Web Developer.
    • Lenny is a Web Developer.
    Javascript Vs C#
    With a growing development team and the soon release of the RageMP C# Bridge, we are faced with an important decision which is to stick with Javascript or move over to C#, we've decided to make the move! We know everyone has their preference for a language, but hear us out. When searching for a knowledgeable development team, finding C# developers appear to be a much easier task, and we already have resources for C# development. This will not put our progress behind, with our previous resources it leaves at a similar point of which we are at now.

    Road Map
    With our recent expansion of our development team, it allows us to have a wider view of the future, and we are heading towards it with a huge smile on our face. We have had multiples of questions about when our planned release date is, and we cannot at this time give a solid answer. Our goal is to only release features that are solid and have as little bugs as humanly possible.

    Any users who steadily browse our discord may have noticed a couple changes, we have added sections to our discord voice channels, if you would like a specific game added, please let a member of administration know. If you have any questions regarding permissions, feel free to ask.​

    Homepage/Landing Page
    Lenny, our Web Developer came onto our team about two weeks ago, shortly after development blog three. He has been working towards a new Homepage for our community which will include as much information about our community as possible. When finished it should present our community as a nice wrapped package when newcomers join us.


    In our last development blog, we posted a poll asking the community if they would like to see community meetings in the future, the community has voted yes! At this time we do not have a date for this meeting, nor have we decided if we want it to become a recurring event. However, these details will be figured out sometime in the future, with at least one meeting before our launch!


    You already know! We have pushed a couple new forum updates which include theme fixes, and updates. We have also added some new sections for our development team to assist with further communications. A "Donate" tab has been added to the top of our forum, per request from a user.

    With the language switch and the building of the development team we have had a very hectic past two weeks, please expect further script updates in the next development blog.

    We would like to extend our thanks to all the community members that have had our backs during past couple of months of development, we appreciate the dedication and commitment you have shown! Happy Holidays to all!
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