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Development Blog #5 | Devy Blogy Thingy

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by Public Release, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Public Release


    Feb 26, 2018
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    Development Blog #5
    Welcome to Development Blog five. In the past month, our development team has been waiting for the much-anticipated release of the GTANetwork-RageMP Bridge. Waiting for its release brought our development to a halt, as our team wanted to test their work before they continued. We have since resumed development and everyone is moving in full force once again! Our Web Development team has been working hard on getting our Landing Page to be fully operational.

    Our team wishes a Happy New Years to the entire RageMP/Grand Theft Auto Modding community! Each year has its own challenges, our community, our staff, and I have all faced hard times, the best thing we offer is coming over them! With that said, our hopes is to kick this new year off stronger than ever!​

    • Timmeh has stepped down from his position as Content Development.
    • J. Brewer has stepped down from his position as Moderation.
    • Dylan has been promoted to Lead Content Developer.
    • Bradley has been removed from his position as Content Development.
    • Shane has been brought on as a Content Developer, focusing on Web Development.
    • BigJay has gone on Leave of Absence.
    • Captien has been brought on as a Content Developer.

    • Donations Opened
    Contributions from community members are something that we had to think deeply about. With our experience in the gaming world, we have seen far too many communities offer pay to win perks, objects, and packages, we want to stray away from that mentality as much as possible. We do not expect anyone to contribute money to our community, this is something that we do for fun. We are simply supplying the means for individuals who are interested. Click Here
    • Creation of Los Santos Emergency Services
    With the continued growth of our community, we are constantly seeking new members to help us with the creation factions. Des Walker, a new member of our community has taken on the task of setting up the Los Santos Emergency Services (LSES), their forums, and all additional requirements. You may visit their forums at https://lses.mafiacity-rp.com/ when they are live. If you are interested in joining the Los Santos Emergency Services, contact Des Walker.​


    Our Development Team has made great strides in our game mode over the past months. The Development Team decided to slow development until we could test the features that we have developed this far. Our goal is to have a quality script that can be continued to be worked on in the future without issues, conflictions, or errors.


    • User Interface
    Rick has been creating the UI for player Hunger, Thirst, and other information we will be displaying. He has also been working on revamping the character creator, making it lovely!​
    • Database Types
    Our Development Team over the past two months has been debating the idea of switching from MySQL to RethinkDB. They have come to the conclusion that all current and future work will be using RethinkDB.​
    • Landing Page
    Visit our website often? Make sure to check out our amazing new Landing Page, created by Lenny, one of our Web Developers. Our goal is to provide a platform that is easily usable, informative, and sexy. If you have any suggestions regarding the Landing Page, please contact Development Team.​
    • Refactoring... A lot
    Entering into this project there was a lot we did not know about, how to be the most efficient and various API updates. We have been spending a good amount of our time to optimize our systems such as the character creator, login system, and the furniture system. Individuals may be shocked by our constant urge for improvement but we strongly believe if we get it out of the way now it'll only be easier in the future!​
    • Key Setup
    Most people won't view this as an important topic, but it's something we want to include for you guys to know about! We have been theorizing what keys should be used for in-game voice communication... We have come to a conclusion that "V" would be best for local chat and "B" for radios. Some of you may already know this form a key setup if you have ever played the game Squad. Expect to see more information about this in the future.​

    When we started this community we had no idea what to expect, we had an idea and we wanted to do it. Austin, Jorge, and I have had countless debates about features and ideas, and all three of us have discussed the idea of: "What if they don't like our features?" Each day, this community proves us wrong! Our discord has officially broken the 200 member count! As we grow, we are trying to move along community interaction, populating voice channels and creating various discussions in general. Feel free to hop on any channel to talk!

    Dylan, our Lead Content Developer has expressed his interest in additional developers to assist with his work. If you are familiar with C Sharp, Javascript, or Web Development and wish to join our team, please message him. Any individual who is interested will be required to show proof of work or knowledge. This individual will go through a probationary period before having access to our resources.

    Interested in protecting the streets of Los Santos? Then join the Los Santos Police Department! William Eskridge, the Chief of Police is looking for new members that they can train and have ready for our launch! For more information visit https://lspd.mafiacity-rp.com/

    Any individuals that messaged me before January 4th, 2018 with the subject of becoming staff most likely got the same response: "I'm looking for individuals who have something that can directly impact the community", I was referring to things such as skills in policy creation, group assistance, etc. As of January 4th, 2018 any individual who expresses their interest in becoming a Staff Member will have the ability to join our team (with restrictions), each individual will be trained into a task that they are interested in doing.
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