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Development Blog #6 | Vroom Vroom Gurlll

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by Public Release, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Public Release


    Feb 26, 2018
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    Welcome to the sixth iteration of the Development Blogs! Since we last spoke a lot has changed! We began to really look into how we want to dish out rules, started exploring server-sided modifications, brought on some new staff members, and even talked about the future furthermore!

    • Des has been brought onto the Moderation Team.​
    • Chapman has been brought onto the Moderation Team.
    • Crow has been removed from the Moderation Team.
    • Shane has stepped down from the Development Team.
    We understand that as a community you want to see our flash new updates, but sadly a lot of the work being done at the moment is backend. Although we do not have fancy feature specific screenshots to show off this time around, we can assure you that our Development Team is hard at work! Make sure to watch #announcements for random updates.

    Random Development Images
    Dylan tampering with the character creator.

    The team is experimenting with custom UI for a control area.

    Let's not forget about the experimentation of the new Server-Sided Modifications!

    Very early mockup of our inventory system.

    Dylan working hard to motivate his team!

    • Server-Sided Modifications
    Our team is very excited about the newest RageMP update which creates the support of server-side modifications. This will give us the ability to swap out vehicles, skins, and weapon skins without the need of any client-side modifications (such as OpenIV). We are extremely excited about this, but we are forced to add a system for modification approval to prevent hundreds of mods being added willy-nilly.​
    Process for adding modifications;
    1. Sent to Lead Content Developer for Approval.​
    2. Sent to the Administration Team for Approval.​
    3. Tested by the Content Developer Team and scripting added if needed.​
    4. Tested by the Moderation Team.​

    Fine tuning is important in every feature of our community. The argument was brought up that the name "Los Santos Medical Fire Department" is not a naming structure commonly used in departments (excluding Arizona), it was suggested and decided that it will now be called the Los Santos Emergency Services, which is being led by Des Walker.​
    https://lses.mafiacity-rp.com (Work In Progress)​

    In an effort to become a more organized and informed community, we will begin weekly Staff and Development Meetings on February 3rd, 2018. Community Leaders (E.g. Group Leaders) are invited to attend to the beginning of these meetings to add input on upcoming features. Each meeting the Staff Team will discuss proposed features. The Administration will use these meetings as a time to make vital community decision in discussion with the Lead Content Developer.​

    Rules are something that we have to put a lot of thought into as a community, and we want to hear from everyone! If you have a suggestion, contact a staff member. With the rules that we have created, we need a forward-looking system to administer them. Traditionally punishments would be dished out a case-by-case basis, which can be effective with a small staff team. We are optimistic and what to set our selves up for growth. We started talking about how we could handle punishments, and we believe that we have developed a solid method. Each player will have a tracking system for punishments referred to as Points. Each rule will have an assigned number of points that will be added to a player’s record when they break a rule. A player’s punishment is dependent on the number of total points on their account, rather than the punishment just being for that single instance.

    Situation One: Joshua metagames consistently, a Member of Staff to get involved, this case would result in five (5) points being added to their punishment record.​
    Situation Two: Joshua later that day get’s murdered and decides to Revenge Kill the purpose who killed him previously. Ten (10) points have now been added to their record.​
    Result: Joshua received a formal warning from a Staff Member once he received five (5) points. Considering he was warned previously and then continued to break rules and Revenge Killed he had another ten (10) points added to his record which would result in a Two Hour ban. This system is created to discourage serial rule breakers, as the more you do it (no matter the rule) the worse the punishment becomes.​

    • @Seabrook#1542 has been given "Hype Team" for inviting over 12 members to our community!
    #1 Public Release, Jan 29, 2018
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  2. Chapman

    Chapman Meh Guy
    Hype Team

    Jan 1, 2018
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    Love seeing the amazing progress everyone is making toward the server! Can't wait for the official launch :)
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