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Development Blog #7 | Classified #20292-2k

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by Public Release, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Public Release


    Feb 26, 2018
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    Development Blog #7
    Welcome, to the Seventh Iteration of our bi-weekly Development Blogs. Content in this blog is lacking, but not because we haven't been working, but because we are holding a secret we cannot tell you just yet! The best way to put it: Development just hit something stunning!

    • Megan has been brought onto the Moderation Team.​
    • Schwarzy has been promoted to Senior Moderator, in addition, he will be assisting with the management of staff members.​
    • Branding Revamp
    We are looking to revamp our branding with all new logos, headers, and various images. In the past two weeks we've discovered that a lot of our graphics could use an overhaul before we get to release, so if you are a graphics designer and are interested, please contact Joshua!​

    • User Interface
    We know, you must be tired of seeing UI in these development blogs... right? Well, the issue is that literally, every feature we create requires a User Interface... SO WE WILL CONTINUE TO JAM IT DOWN YOUR THROAT AND YOU'LL LIKE IT!​

    The Team has redone the player's control panel, changing the look entirely by cleaning it up and giving it a modern design.
    Group Information displayed under the player's control panel.

    • Something big!
    We cannot tell you exactly what's going on yet, but during the past two weeks, the Development Team did something absolutely stunning. It's very important that you watch our for the next development blog so you can see what I am talking about. Because of this, we cannot talk about much development in this blog.​
    • Landing Page Rework
    Lenny, our in-house Web Developer has decided to rework on our landing page completely, so look out in the future you may see a sleek new landing page for Mafia City Roleplay.​
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