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    Donation Information
    Mafia City Roleplay reserves the right to accept or deny a donation at any time. Any donation given to Mafia City Roleplay will not be rewarded with objects, items, or perks that directly impact gameplay, or give you an advantage over other community members.​

    Any individual who donates to Mafia City Roleplay before our official release will be given a "Founding Donator" tag on forums and discord. We are implementing this to display our gratitude. This only works with the VIP OPTIONS, which are listed below.

    $5 /

    $10 /

    $25 /
    Donator Tag on Discord & Forums
    Automatic SMS Replies
    Access to Donor Variant Vehicles
    Access to Donor Weapon SkinsX
    Ability to have two jobsX
    Access to Beta ServerX
    Ability to set User Title on ForumsXX
    Number of Name ChangesX11
    Number of Phone Number ChangesX11
    House Furniture Limit100150200

    VIP Options are subject to change at any time. Please review this thread before each contribution.

    *Access to Donator Variant Vehicles will not give you a vehicle for free, it will give you the ability to purchase donator restricted vehicles. Please understand that these vehicles will give you no advantage over other players, they will only be for aesthetic purposes.

    All donations are considered final and are considered to be a contribution to our community. Mafia City Roleplay reserves the right to turn down or deny a donation. Mafia City Roleplay reserves the right to limit a member's access to any Mafia City Roleplay resources in the cases of Fraud, Chargebacks, or failure to follow community Rules. VIP Options last for a maximum period of 30 days, this period begins when VIP Access has been granted on all official Mafia City Roleplay resources. It is the responsibility of "you" the individual donating to contact a member of Mafia City Roleplay Staff team if your donations have not been processed in a timely manner..

    When donating for a VIP option please do the following;
    1. Click on "DONATE" at the top of the navigation bar.
    2. Specify the amount in the "Other" box on paypal. ($5, $15, or $25)
    3. Send a message to Joshua on the forums or in discord with the amount, transaction ID, and email.
    After completing these three steps, you will be set up as a donator.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.