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Fitzspencer Family History

Discussion in 'Character Stories' started by Landgraab, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Landgraab

    Landgraab Newer Guy

    Jan 1, 2019
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    Owen fitzspencer

    Own Fitzspencer was born on November 3, 1984 in a small town of Lumber Mill, Virginia was born to a well known family to Katharina and Robert Müller Fitzspencer. Owen was the second of six children with only three children surviving to adolescents.

    His father, Robert Müller Fitzspencer, was was a former US lawyer, a US government official and sixth FBI director. Robert Fitzspencer graduated from Princeton University as summa cumme laude and joined the US Marines during the Vietnam War. He was honorably discharged from the US Marines when he was injured in a battle receiving both a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He Later went on to receive his law degree from Virginia Law School and began working for private companies in San Francisco for several years, however, finally deciding to leave the private sector and joined the Department of Justice. He became a law clerk for United States District Judge John M. Walker Jr. in San Francisco. Later moving up to becoming Deputy Prosecutor in the Criminal Division. After working many big cases, Fitzspencer join much recognition, making way for him to reach the level of US General Attorney for the State of California. He was appointed by President George W. Bush to become the 6th FBI executive, serving 2 terms under President George W. Bush’s administration and serving two year under President Barack Obama’s administration before retiring.

    When Own was 5 years old, his family moved to Los Santos for the protection of his father once he retired. During this period, Owen was a restless child who has enjoyed playing with his peers and going to school. His brother, Hudson, died of measles on February 2, 2000, causing Owen’s personality to change drastically creating a permanent effect on Owens, and weakened Owen's confidence to a great extent, causing Owen fitzspencerto fall and always have long discussions with his father. Owen had a very close bond with his mother who adored him, while his father would often beat him and scold him.

    During his teenage years Owen became fond of music and has great passions to pursue a career in music, however, his father had no taste for art or music and made Owen major in Mechanical Engineering once in University. Later in his life Owen published a book called Forty Two and I, in which he wrote "I wish that I could have gone back and stood up to my father to pick my own path in early adulthood”. As a young adult Owen had many conflicting views with his father. Even though his father was a well known Republican and Nationalist who had great influence in the Republican party, Owen felt a calling to Democratic and world views. Unfortunately, in 2003 Robert died of colon cancer, leaving Owen sad but liberated at the same time, allowing Owen to leave University and to follow his own footsteps and to become a musician. Although though Owen had many horrible memories from his father, Owen always talked about his father in a politeful way in his book

    In 2005, Owen decided to start living a bohemian lifestyle and supporting his mother. In 2007, he began to Twice a week he would He was twice released from the Vienna Institute of Fine Arts (2007-2008) for lack of competence in music. He was told that his abilities are more in the field of architecture. In his memoirs, which reflects the fascination on the subject, he says: My goal was to explore the gallery of the Museum of Crete. But shortly after I looked at the picture, I noticed something else that attracted my attention, and it was the museum itself. From morning till midnight, my attention was shifting from subject to subject, but it was the museum's building, which focused on me most. According to the order of the school head, he was convinced that he would change his educational path; but he received the necessary education for architecture After all, after a while, I became an engineer, the rest of the problem that I lost at the Rishivil school was somewhat offset by the efforts and exercises of the ten years, and when I came to Los Santos twice after my mother's death, My residence time lasted for several years, I felt calm and made a serious decision, and my early pride awakened. And I'm determined to go somewhere. On December 21, 2007, her mother, Clara Fisaspensers, died of a painful breast cancer death at the age of 47. Owen, through a court in Linz, handed over all his share of his father's inheritance to his sister, Paula fitzspencer, at the age of 21, he inherited the wealth of one of his aunts (aunts). He worked as a musician in Los Santos. He spent time with organizing parties and djing for ceremonies for leaders of criminally-charged families, he provided over 2000 special jobs, Owen suffered a severe financial loss.

    In 2009, Owen suffered major financial losses in which he has to relocate to a rural part of Los Santos In 2009, she was looking for a shelter and settled in a poorly-designed home in 2010, with opposition to the Jews; Los Santos had a large Jewish community, including many Eastern European Orthodox Jews. Owen believed that the Jews were enemies of his race and his country's misery and backwardness. When Owen lived in Los Angeles, he carefully monitored the political situation and behavior of the various parties and examined the behavior of the parties. In the book Forty And two, I ", writes that logical arguments and literary sentences that make history do not sway the emotions of the people that determine the course of history. And such a sentence drew his attention to the Los Santos police department. Emma Diamond, the mistress of Owen Fisaspansar, and for a short time his wife. Owen fitzspencer did not use alcohol and did not smoke. Love William Richard Wagner's Music
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