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Fix processing point in DOC

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Emir Bellic

New Guy
Oct 31, 2019
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[TAB]Suggestion Title:
Fix processing point in DOC [/TAB]

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Roleplay Server[/TAB]

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Script [/TAB]

Can you guys fix script in DOC i know you probably were asked for it earlier i just want to bring attention on it again.The processing point should be moved inside in processing room and instead of DRAG requirements to start timer of prisoners sentence can you put ID of the person requirement instead so instead dragging them we will type persons ID number and months in jail and their timer would start from there.People think its powergaming if we use it when we have to drag people but its nonsense it would be same if i had to drag that person so i can get acces to MDC to check information about him....can the processing point work like this,it would be easier for us all,i got reported for using the script like that and i never try to powergame its just script gives that feeling to other party that we PG'd them for teleporting people in cell when we use it and when we have to drag them for it even after proper RP.RP'ly DOC or PD will put prisoner from now in cell there is no need for script to do it. [/TAB]
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