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Gerald Brolinski

Discussion in 'Character Stories' started by Dekoes, May 18, 2020.

  1. Dekoes

    Dekoes Newer Guy

    May 18, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Hi there, I'm Gerald and this is my story.

    Gerald was born on the far right site of Russia with a loving mother and father, his father worked for the goverment in Russia, when Gerald was about 4 years old they moved to Los Santos for his fathers work, what the specific job for his father was he didn't know, all he remembers is that his father wasn't home alot.

    Fast forward a few years:
    Gerald was in high school, his senior year to be exact, here he got to know a few guys who have been living longer in LS then Gerald but that didn't bother him, but he could feel a difference, these guys knew what was going down in the city. one day they invited Gerald to a party of some sorts, its was at a boys house called Levi,
    He lived in a big mansion in vinewood hills.

    When Gerald arrived there were alot of cars bikes and people infront of the entrance of the house, Gerald walked through the front gate and greeted his friends that he saw to the crowd of people they said to him: are you nervous, Gerald wasn't he never is because of what is father thought him.

    They went inside the house and there wer 6 men on a big table and Levi, there was a big men in a leather chair at the end of the table and Gerald could see it was Levi's father. everybody too a seet or stoot somewhere. and the sort of party had started, they welcomed everyone who was new and started to talk buissness, when all of that was done they called every new person to the boss, it was Gerald and all of his class mates, the boss said i have somethings in store for you guys. we all got a seperate quest/job from the boss, but when the boss told them Gerald could feel that was something was up with all the jobs but it didnt stop him.

    The job they got ws survive in the wild of blaine county, come out at night and hunt down these people, but here is the catch, we had to hunt people but at the same time we are the buys being hunted, alot of thing happed in the first few nights Gerald her shots and one night found the body of his class mate, but then he remebered all the things hid dad thought him, the hunting skills, how to hide and how to surpress certein,felings, when Gerald found the body of his class mate he knew he had to wait for the people who were hunting him and start to hunt them. Yeah iknow how the turn tables. one night Gerald slautherd 5 of the mob guards who were hunting, that night he knew this job will never end this is there sport there fun but Gerald won't let that happen.

    He fled from blaine county to his parents house, his parents were asleep Gerald grabbed his stuff and jacked a car, he knows what needs to be done, to survive and what he must to do make it stop before he can come back.

    Now gerald is training, working for his money, and hoping for the right moment to strike of pick them of one by one.

    I hope you all like the story,
    Kind Regards,

    Hope to see you soon.
    If you feel your one of them you better watch your shoulder ;D

    Slight Edit
    His Dad is a old russian spy so you know.
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