Grand Theft Auto V Giveaway!

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    Grand Theft Auto V Giveaway!
    Welcome, all to our community! Veterans and newcomers we love you all the same! (only kinda tho.. We truly love veterans :p). To show our love for our community we are doing a Grand Theft Auto V Giveaway! The winner will get a Steam Key for the game! Check below on how to enter!

    The winner will be posted on February 23th, 2018!

    1. At least 15 people must enter into this giveaway for it to take place!
    2. Must be a member of our discord.​
    3. Must be a member of our forums.​
    4. To enter you must respond to this thread with the following;​
    Discord Account (Name: #XXXX):
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  2. Name: Fitz Simmons

    Discord Account (Name: #XXXX): Fitz Simmons | lRoberth#5270
  3. Code:
    Name: Zedo

    Discord Account (Name: #XXXX): Zedo : Zedo#6479
  4. Name: Ahmed Mamdouh

    Discord Account (Name: #XXXX): Ahmed#7068
  5. Name: Matthew

    Discord Account (Name: #XXXX): quarterpound#1574
  6. Name: Colby

    Discord Name: Noop #7196
  7. Code: 21
    Name: Seth

    Discord Account (Name: #XXXX): VandilFish#1090
  8. Name: Eskridge

    Discord Account (Name: #XXXX): Seabrook#1542
  9. Name: Megan
    Discord Account: Megan#1418
  10. Name: MalteseWolf

    Discord Account (Name: #XXXX): MalteseWolf#6786
  11. Name: John Wade

    Discord Account: BadassBaboon#7884
  12. Code: (what is this?)
    Name: deshawnb -- Deshawn Brickstone

    Discord Account (Name: #XXXX): desh#7884
  13. Name: Tony

    Discord Account (Name: #XXXX): Tony#8727
  14. Name: Ricky
    Discord Account: (Name: #XXXX): Nightmare#0001
  15. Matt Chase
    Discord: Matt Chase#5908
  16. Name: Matty

    Discord: Matty#3664
  17. Name: Mos

    Discord Account: Mos#2649
  18. Name: Tony Solano

    Discord Account: Illuminati#4388
  19. Name: Bertino

    Discord Account: bertino#2015
  20. Name: Octavian

    Discord Account (Name: #XXXX): Octa#6968
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