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  1. My name is Chapman. I usually suck when it comes to writing things like these so I'll keep it short. I started in roleplay communities with GTA IV back in 2013. One of my friends got me to join SA:MP roleplay communities a few months later where I spent a few years on both the illegal and legal side of factions as well as being involved in the administration team. SA:MP has grown out of date for me and now I partake in GTA V. That is just a brief history about me.

    If you ever want to play CS:GO, GTA Online or R6 Seige with me sometime feel free to message me on discord.
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  2. If only... I could... [​IMG]
  3. Yusss cant wait to play PUBG with you Chapman ahhaha
  4. if we magically die its not my fault just sayin