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  1. Hello! I'm very excited to play on this server! I just recently found out about mafia city RP and have been in love with the concept for days now. I am Ben, and I haven't played a whole lot of RP but have been playing more and more lately. My first RP experience was on xbox with a friend of mine, and we would RP as cops, mob members, firefighters, fighter pilots, you name it. I then found a text based RP that I have been playing for a little while. I am so very excited for this to open and can't wait to meet everyone around the community!
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  2. Welcome to the server Ben, hope you enjoy your stay here and the developers are working hard to get the server to the best content. Its gonna be awesome when we can finally release the server to the public. Hope you stick around and stay for our release!

    My name is Des and i'm a staff member here, any help needed mate just throw me a PM or contact me on the MafiaCityRP discord.
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  3. Welcome, Ben!
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