Hey all.

Discussion in 'Introductions & Goodbyes' started by Brawnkoh, Dec 3, 2019 at 2:04 PM.

  1. Brawnkoh

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    Nov 25, 2019
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    A lot of you probably already know me from various places around the interwebs. To those of you who do, it's nice seeing you again. :)

    For those of you who don't...

    I'm a boomer who's been involved in RP for quite some time. I was the creator of AltisLife subreddit, and have been heavily involved in RP since the ArmA 3 days. I've helped manage several communities throughout that time for everything from GTA/A3 RP servers to Steam games such as Loadout by Edge of Reality. Throughout that time I've met a plethora of amazing people.

    I spent quite a few years RPing as law enforcement in my early days, but now tend to lean more towards criminal characters. Maybe I'll get out of my comfort zone here (or maybe not).

    I look forward to meeting you all both oocly, and icly (probably in prison).
  2. Matt

    Matt Tester

    Feb 9, 2019
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    Welcome to MCRP, Brawnkoh! We're glad to have you as part of our community.
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  3. Darkvillain

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    Nov 19, 2019
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    Looking forward to doing more RP with you man!
  4. Joshua

    Joshua Lead Administration
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    Sep 9, 2017
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    Welcome to MCRP!
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