hi, hello.

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    hi and hello (yes i know. i've just repeated myself).

    i go by the name of keith, or kebab. any of which works. i've been roleplaying since late 2011, and have for most part, stuck around with a bunch of different roleplay servers. i have been on and off on a few gta:v servers, wanting to see how the experience differs on gta:v compared to sa:mp.

    i don't really know what else to write here, but yeah. oh and so i don't forget. i also play rust, pubg... and a bunch of other games.

    i also develop vanessa and typically i just use my magic wand
  2. Welcome to the team, Keith.
  3. Keith must be playing PUBG with me :)
  4. made a hefty update in all lower-cased texts.
  5. Hey Keith!
  6. hello. ive still gotta type in all lowercase sorry.
  7. kebab
  8. babek?