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How to link your forums account to the Discord.

Discussion in 'Guides & Tutorials' started by Jordan, Jan 24, 2019.

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    Associating your discord and forum accounts


    To ensure quality and consistency through Mafia City Roleplay, we have decided to take the route of enforcing Discord Integration. Roles, Names, Emails, and additional information (E.g. Avatars) will now be synced with between our platforms. Users will be granted the ability to either 1. sync their discord to an existing account (The system will check for existing email registrations - or it can be done manually) or 2. register an account using their discord account.

    • Usernames, Profile Pictures, Roles, and Email Addresses will now sync between the two platforms.
    • Everything will be handled through the Mafia City Roleplay Forums.
    • Account authenticity can be easily determined by linking the two profiles.
    • Every minute an automatic job is run that checks discord roles against the forums database.

    Linking Your account

    First: Make sure you have registered your forums account and preferably activated two-step verification, this is to ensure safety, and to ensure that none of your information is stolen.
    Second: After you have fully registered your forum account, you can click on the Discord tab, located here.

    Third: Access your External Accounts Control Panel, this can be located in a few places the easiest to do it is to click on the title its self in the discord tab located here.

    Fourth: Click on Associate with Discord here.


    Upon doing this, it will bring up a new window that will look like this.


    Clicking on Authorize will authorize discord to link to your forums account, at which time this will replace the window that was opened.


    All you have to do now is make sure it's your correct account E-mail, and make sure your password is correct and click Associate Account. Congratulations! You are all done, your forum account is now associated and linked to the discord.
    If you have any questions, Feel free to ask anyone from Staff team.
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