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Nov 26, 2019
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Dear Mafia City Community,

We at Mafia City Roleplay have had a history of tolerating a certain level roleplay. The toleration of people rule-playing instead of role-playing has been a scar on our community for far too long. Leadership has been discussing this for a while as to how we can fix this scar and move forward in a healthier direction.

Today we made a change in direction regarding the allowance of subpar roleplay on the server. Over the past week we have noticed that a member of our community and a few of his cohorts have been on the server with intentions other than joining in quality roleplay. These players' actions added fuel to the conversations among staff leadership regarding how we should approach this situation and ones in the future like it.

While we were talking about this, a situation in the game occurred at Bahama Mamas. The players in question and a few others arrived at the club, took everyone hostage, executed members of a rival gang, killed a random civilian and were in the process of planning their escape when Felix issued punishments to all involved in the scenario. The scenario was an obvious attempt to PVP riding the edge of the server rules and to have minimal roleplay.

Going forward we will be utilizing the rule, “Administrative Discretion and Intention of the Rules” more to start raising our expectations of what level of roleplay we desire our community to hold to. Riding the edge of the rule with the intent to PVP above roleplaying will no longer be tolerated. We expect members of our community to bring a level of roleplay that is enjoyable to others even if they are “winning or losing” in a situation.

You may ask what level of roleplay are we asking people to perform to be on our server. The answer isn’t as simple as low, medium or high. We want our community as a whole to strive to bring the best roleplay quality that they are able to achieve. Don’t compromise your standard of RP because other players are not at your level. Help them get better at roleplay. This approach over time will only help our community as a whole increase its roleplay level. I've said this multiple times in discord to people that complain about other community members roleplay being sub par. “Be the change you want to see in our community”.

Note for those involved in the ban wave today: To those of you who put in a ban appeal will be given consideration, but those who retaliate in a toxic manner will not be considered.

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