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Kay Bishop

Discussion in 'Character Stories' started by Ender, May 15, 2020.

  1. Ender

    Ender Newer Guy

    May 14, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Name: Kay Bishop
    D.O.B.: 3/25/1983
    Kay Bishop spent his adult years working the same nine to five job taking enjoyment in the small things here and there, his two week vacations, company holidays, and short holiday breaks. His moment of clarity came to him one morning while commuting to the office. He was stuck in the morning's traffic just as always dull and mind numbing, but this morning his thoughts distracted him causing him to miss his turn. Not a problem it was just a simple mistake, it happened before and the next turn would take him back with little time spent. This morning however was different, he also missed this turn as well.

    As his eyes watched the turn pass by and his mind simply refused to follow his predetermined route. He continued this way for several blocks, just continuing forward with the flow of traffic. He spotted things he had never seen before, billboards for merchandise he didn't recognize, storefronts with names foreign to him, and houses that evolved and changed with their surroundings. It was as if he had been transported to an entirely different city, an area he had no familiarity with. It was exciting and thrilling, he started taking turns at random, each one giving him something new, something he hadn't known his mind craved to see.

    After hours spent exploring this new world evening came and Kay headed home with his mind set on making this his new reality. Kay stepped out of his car and went up the steps to his home, plans already being formed. The next morning he called to work and resigned his position then called the first realtor he thought of and had his house scheduled for the market and ready to sell that afternoon. He spent the rest of his morning packing the clothes he wanted to keep, donating the rest, and selling all of the furniture he owned. He finished his meeting that afternoon with the realtor and was signing a lease for a small studio flat that evening. In a single day he had found a dream that shook his entire world giving him a new life.

    Kay hardly slept that night, but instead spent the time laying on the floor of his new apartment signing up with every ride sharing service he could. Excited to see what the next life would bring him.
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