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    Hey All! We started Mafia City Roleplay with the hopes of creating something great, an unbeatable environment, a community which all are welcome. To be able to reach our common goal there are certain things that are required which includes a well ran administrative team, active development, and strong group leadership. Within this thread, we will attempt to lay out as much information as possible about our expectations of new group leaders, and how to possibly obtain a group leadership role.

    Our expectations for leadership will expand as our community grows, we want to create something great and stable, we want our groups to be self-sufficient and well ran. Becoming a group leader will require a good amount of In-Character and Out-of-Character time, if you are comfortable with this, please read the following expectations;​
    • An individual who takes ownership of their position, group, and their team.​
    • An individual who doesn't need constant supervision and has the ability to be proactive instead of reactive.​
    • An individual who understands what it takes to develop a self-sustainable group.​
    • An individual who is familiar with the group they are interested, they understand the ethics and tactics behind the group.​

    Since it is the beginning we are trying to make it quite simple. We ask that you construct a small proposal of the group, include whatever you think is required. This can be sent in a form of a private message. Please send it to Joshua, Austin, and J.Votra (include all three).

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