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Los Santos Motorcyclist Association

Discussion in 'Organizations' started by Dylan, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Dylan

    Dylan Newer Guy Supporter

    Nov 20, 2017
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    Los Santos Motorcyclist Association (LSMA)

    Who Are We?:
    The Los Santos Motorcyclist Association(LSMA) is the biggest and strongest biker gang in Los Santos. Los Santos is our territory and we will do whatever necessary to keep it. Our Bikes, Money, and Girls are our values and we live life with no limits and our freedom from our Government is a passion.


    The Founder of a motorcycle club is the person or persons that start a particular chapter within the group. As soon as they get their motorcycle, they are considered the Founder, as a chapter creator. If a Founder is active in the chapter they will be considered the President and have the same duties as a President. If there is a Founder and a Co-Founder or two Co-Founders, they will most likely retain the titles of President and Vice-President with their duties respectively. The Founder or Founding Father always has a vote in all officer elections. In the event that a Founder or Co-Founder dies, the principal officers of the executive committee hold a vote for a new President and/or Vice-President. The committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and SGT at Arms with the Road Captain included as a non-voting member that replaces any of the committee as an alternate.

    The President is the Chairman of the executive committee and also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the chapter. All matters between the club and any outside organization, business or other persons are brought to the President for him to take action on. If the President is not available to attend a chapter meeting, the Vice-President shall serve as the Chairman. The President does not make motions or second any motions and he can only vote on actions where he would make a tie vote or break a tie vote. The President acts as a personal representative of the club and is able to judge items that are not in the chapter’s rules. He is a liaison between other motorcycle clubs, public relations and law enforcement. He represents the club in any business contracts and promotes the club life among members and family members.

    Vice President
    The Vice-President supervises plans for club events and coordinates the committees. He also relays information between the President and the Members of the chapter. Any questions, comments or concerns of other committee members are brought to the Vice-Presidents attention. The Vice-President is the second in command underneath the President and he assumes all the duties of the President in his absence.

    SGT at Arms
    The SGT at Arms makes certain to uphold all the laws and rules of the club. He ensures that all the committee orders are carried out as quickly as possible and he keeps order at all club events. If he sees any member acting in a way not supported by the Club, he reports it to the committee. The SGT at Arms is in charge to strip patches and colors from members who are removed from the club by retiring, resigning or being impeached or expelled. The SGT at Arms defends and protects the club members and prospects and is directly responsible for their security and safety. He keeps records of data that relates to the club security. If he sees any type of threat or perceived threat to the club in any manner, he will bring it to the attention of the Executive Committee for appropriate actions to be voted on. The SGT at Arms keeps the clubs firearms and weapons in safekeeping.

    Road Captain
    The Road Captain plans all club runs and tells the Secretary of the plans for a run in advance. When he is on a run, he is the ranking officer if the President and Vice-President are not present and therefore leads the club formation on the ride. If the President is on the run, the Road Captain rides at the front of the group with the President. He is in charge of enforcing all club rules while on a run and he chooses a supervisor for maintenance on all the club vehicles while on a run.

    The Secretary is responsible for keeping all of the club records, written reports and correspondence between outside organizations. He calls role at the committee meetings and takes notes on each meeting. He is also responsible to notify any members of special meeting times and dates other than the normally scheduled meetings. The Secretary is in charge of telling any members of an election or appointment if it was made while they were not present at a meeting. He maintains the constitution of the club noting any changes to it and handles all written club correspondence.

    The Treasurer keeps all the financial records of the club. He collects the income from all operations and is responsible for paying all the bills or expenses of the club, while keeping written records. The Treasurer reports the club’s status on payments owed and due at each committee meeting to the members. He may also provide the committee a written report of the financial status at the annual meetings. The Treasurer is also responsible for maintaining all of the club patches that are un-issued as well as a record of the patches and colors that each member has in their possession. The Treasurer collects all dues and fines from the club’s members.

    The Enforcer makes certain that the club laws and rules are followed by all members. He protects all of the patch holders and protects the club’s reputation in any type of conflict. The Enforcer assists all members of the club in combat of any sort including any type of weapons or fist fights.

    A Prospect is a person who would like to join the club but still needs to earn his patch. The patch members direct a Prospect to do certain duties that vary and supervise him to make certain they are completed. A prospect may have to engage in illegal activities in order to carry out the requests of the patch Members. A Prospect does not have voting rights, as they are not a member of the Executive Committee. A Prospect may retrieve bikes from police impound lots and guard all the bikes while the club is in a meeting. Prospects try their best to follow all club rules and prove that they are worthy of being a club member and earning a patch. Prospects may be dealt menial tasks and have to endure some level of hazing by the club members. Some clubs allow Prospects to wear the club name on the rear of their cut, or vest, but without the full logo of the club. Prospects are voted in the club by the executive committee and must pledge his loyalty to the club and all the members to receive his patch. He may be referred to as a full patch member or as being patched.

    A Member is also called a Patch Member or a Rider. Members have earned their patch after graduating from a Prospect. The have the right to wear the clubs colors and attend club meetings. Some clubs simply call them Patches.

    Tail Gunner
    The Tail Gunners assists the Road Captain on all runs. He rides at the very rear of the motorcycle formation and enforces all safety rules of the ride. If any member in the ride should have mechanical difficulties or crashes for any reason, the Tail Gunner assist them in making repairs to the bike or if need be, calls a tow truck to pick it up. The Tail Gunner is second in command to the Road Captain and assumes his responsibilities on a run if he is not available. A Tail Gunner provides eyes in the rear of the formation and usually carries a first aid kit in case it is needed on a run. He is responsible for carrying a tool kit in order to perform any mechanical repairs on motorcycles while on the road. He rides in an area so that motorists can see the formation of the entire club and is observant of rider’s conduct or road hazards that need reporting to the Road Captain when it is safe to do so. When the group is on a run and is getting ready to make a lane change, the Tail Gunner changes lanes first, then the Road Captain in the front, followed by the group. This keeps the group in its formation and allows them all to change lanes safely and together so motorists do not split the group up.

    The club Chaplain may also be called The Wise One in some chapters. This member oversees all of the spiritual needs of the club. He helps in any way possible when a member is going to jail to be able to protect them. He also conducts any funerals and marriages within a club. The Chaplain in conjunction with the President decides when a Prospect is ready to receive his patch. The Chaplain may be a member of any faith. He may have had training in the area of a Chaplain instead of becoming a clergy member or an ordained minister of faith.
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