Mafia City RP MDC v0.6.2 - Changelog 2021-10-30


Release Date: 2021-10-30
Version: 0.6.2
Type of Release: Feature

Hello! Welcome to the first of many MDC updates coming by @Nivaurum!


  • Changing "Level 3 Firearm" to "Distribution of Firearms". (@Nivaurum)
  • Updated license names for "Gambling", "Business", and "Tow Trucking". (@Nivaurum)
  • Within each item on the Criminal Record, charges are sorted by severity (length of sentence). (@Nivaurum)
  • Dispatch page reorganized for cleaner presentation. (@Nivaurum)
  • Dispatch calls include the named location of the call. (@Nivaurum)
  • Dispatch calls shown for PD / SD based on location. (@Nivaurum)
  • Dispatch page adds toggle buttons to filter calls for EMS / PD / SD. (@Nivaurum)