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Mafia City RP v1.11.4 - Hotfix - Changelog 2021-03-07


Project Lead
Lead Admin
Aug 26, 2018
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Release Date: 2020-03-07
Type of Release: Hotfix

Hello everyone!

While we work on getting the other bugs resolved, we're going to release another bug update here today. We do these updates outside of peak time. So we're pushing what we have ready so far. Tomorrow I hope for more of a hotfix but here are the items we have ready so far.

Bug Fixes:
  • Re-applied mapping for DoC, LSPD, and LSES (Felix)
    • It appears that the updates we tried to push out didn't stick. So this morning we re-applied them and it worked! You no longer crash when above the LSPD you should also see some performance increases at the LSPD
  • Reverted the boat fishing sell-spot location to prevent exploitation (Felix)
  • Fixed part of the redemption system that was causing people to get "There was an error processing your request please put in an administrative request" message when redeeming Tire Colors.