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Mafia City RP v2.0.0 - Changelog 2021-10-06


Senior Developer
Hype Team
Feb 2, 2018
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Release Date: 2021-10-06
Version: 2.0.0
Type of Release: General

The soontm has finally arrived and Rage 1.1 is staying forever!
We've decided to post this changelog to show how much progress and effort has been put in this update and also to show what has changed for the curious people who have been asking for it lately hehe. Though, don't expect it to make much sense.

With 1.1, not only is it more stable in general, but it also opens the door for a lot of development potential, for example, you'll be soon seeing 1.1 exclusive features such as a pets system, hunting system, a working phone camera and more!

This doesn't mean 1.1 testing and bugfixes has ended. It will still be continuing for the week.

  • /tognchat now saves its state (Ahmed)
  • Added Flatbeds (Ahmed)
  • Added damage drop for weapons. Heavy Sniper is the only weapon that doesn't drop damage from distance (Ahmed)
  • Added siren sync (Nefarious)
  • Added in sync for animations w/ props! (Nefarious)
  • All towtrucks have been replaced with flatbets. (Nefarious)
  • Stream distance has been increased to 500m. (Ahmed)
  • New corps now use flatbeds (Nefarious)
  • Sync server shutdown timer across clients & fix false times (Tom)
  • Remember walking style once player crouches (Nefarious)
  • Re-adjust truck spawns for trucking job (Tom)
  • Dont trigger crouch when pressing CTRL with UI/chat open (Tom)
  • Add custom vehicle damage sync (Tom)
  • Add file double-check for vehicle modshops (Tom)
  • Disabled headshots and any critical hits. (Ahmed)
  • Trucker prices now configurable (Felix)
  • Disabled crouching when downed. (Ahmed)
  • Entering vehicles disables crouching (Ahmed)
  • Disable kicking ppl when entering modshop. (Ahmed)
  • Cancel attach event if object or player are no longer valid. (Ahmed)
  • Changed how I detect in stream range (Ahmed)
  • Rewrote some of the robbery ped stuff & some changes to data sync. (Ahmed)
  • Possibly improved issue where players get kicked from their car. (Ahmed)
  • Health anticheat improvements for 1.1 (Ahmed)
  • Disabled headshots (Ahmed)
  • Disable melee for guns only (Ahmed)
  • Player clothing is now auto removed when going on duty. (Ahmed)
  • Adjusted trucker to use pounder! (Ahmed)
  • Disabled driveby for drivers and all weps except pistol for passenger. (Ahmed)
  • Disabled Q changing radio in siren vehicles (Ahmed)
  • Changed tow trucks to flatbed and possibly fixed trailers. (Ahmed)
  • Improved VueJS loading times. (Ahmed)
  • Enabled covering with Q and ducking with X. (Ahmed)
  • Adjusted all weapon damage. (Ahmed)

  • Removed custom dimension sync. (Ahmed)
  • Removed custom damage sync, using 1.1 better sync. (Ahmed)
  • Removed custom clothing sync. (Ahmed)

  • Fixed vehicles bouncing.
  • Fixed camera bugging with flatbeds (Nefarious)
  • Fix getting stuck in modshops due missing vehicle file (Tom)
  • Fixed wait function call in carWash (Ahmed)
  • Fixed sirens going off when vehicle engine is toggled (Nefarious)
  • Fixed another static error (Nefarious)
  • Fix corp vehicle mods not loading properly (Tom)
  • Fix crouching triggering while in a vehicle (Tom)
  • Fix repair kits & default engine health instead of body (Tom)
  • Fix vehicle health jumping around (Tom)
  • Fix notepad attachment error (Tom)
  • Fixed the taking weapon out animation running even when you don't enter a car w/ a gun equipped (Nefarious)
  • Fix armored vests and plates (Nefarious)
  • Fixed blindfold crashing client (Nefarious)
  • Fixed vehicles losing insane amount of damage sometimes (Nefarious)
  • Fixed property menu closing when putting property up for rent (Nefarious)
  • Fixed being able to enter a car after unstoring despite it being locked (Nefarious)
  • Fixed Q starting police car radios when toggling siren (Nefarious)
  • Fixed player not spawning in vehicle when purchasing from dealership (Nefarious)
  • Fixed error from rentals when buying one (Nefarious)
  • Fixed fishing so it cancels animation when your done (Nefarious)
  • Fixed /flipcar not working (Nefarious)
  • Fix PD charger & SD MLO (Tom)
  • Fixed stupidly far car entry distance (Nefarious)
  • Fixed spawning vehicle on test server so you actually spawn inside it (Nefarious)
  • Potential fix to levitating vehicles (Nefarious)
  • Fixed annoying error about wrong vehicle type when spawning a vehicle in test environment (Nefarious)
  • Fixed vehicles engines stalling when being fixed (Nefarious)
  • Fixed bug where I could drive through the towed vehicle once I release it (Nefarious)
  • Fixed a issue with a playerQuit function (Nefarious)
  • Fixed tow trucks glitching out when towing large vehicles (Nefarious)
  • Fix MLO glitch with no server usage (Nefarious)
  • Finally fixed MLO invisible bug FOR REAL this time (Nefarious)
  • Fix foot radar not working (Nefarious)
  • Added more time before it switches player to invisible when exiting vehicle (Nefarious)
  • Removed debugging for vehicle & stopped crouching when doing animation (Nefarious)
  • Fixed trucker payout being crazy high (Nefarious)
  • Fix dealerships not opening (Nefarious)
  • Fixed smode model going visible when exitting vehicle (Nefarious)
  • Potential fix to MLO bug (Nefarious)
  • Fix vehicle stalling not triggering.. ever (Tom)
  • Fix server config loading (Tom)
  • Fix /getin command (Tom)
  • Fix vehicle flipping (Tom)
  • Fix /flipcar (Tom)
  • Fix character save query (Tom)
  • Fix modshop vehicle paths (Tom)
  • Fix trucking payments (Felix)
  • Fixed /flipcar (Felix)
  • Fixed F3 menu not working. (Ahmed)
  • Fix buses desync (Ahmed)
  • Fixed repair kits and car health issues. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed animation glitches where they sometimes not stop properly. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed attack animations being broken. (Ahmed)
  • Possibly fixed repair kits. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed weapon holstering animations when getting out of car. (Ahmed)
  • Fixes here and there to animations system. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed dragging issues. (Ahmed)
  • Possibly fixed dragging (Ahmed)
  • Possibly fixed placing objects on ground properly. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed error when enabling vehicle radar on foot. (Ahmed)
  • Added melee damage values and fixed stungun. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed group lockers bug where clothes are stolen (Ahmed)
  • Fixed going to mors (Ahmed)
  • Fixed armor plates not working due to clothing API changes. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed issue with group perms causing errors. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed attached events bug (Ahmed)
  • Fixed adding armor bug (Ahmed)
  • Fixed vehicle health events not working. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed Fishing (Felix)
  • possibly fixed bug where player gets yeeted from cars (Ahmed)
  • Possibly fixed bug with dynamic doors. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed clothing shop (Ahmed)
  • Possible fixed problem with calling events to streamed people. (Animations, inv items, vehicles, and varitey of related issues!) (Ahmed)
  • Fixed issue where server closes before queries are executed and added counter. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed issue with clothing (Felix)
  • Fixed modshop, taxi system and mouse interactions with vehicles. (Ahmed)
  • Possibly fixed stripper. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed fishing anim (Ahmed)
  • Fixed placing on ground properly for dropped items. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed data not saving properly on server restary (Ahmed)
  • Fixed saving on restart (Ahmed)
  • Fixed bug where EMS can spam Y to admit people to recovery. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed mining job issues. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed anim sync bug. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed issue with vehicle seats in dealerships. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed attachment system leaving objects flying. (Ahmed)
  • Fixed issues with vehicle seats. (Ahmed)

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New Guy
Jun 11, 2020
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New Guy
May 16, 2020
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Holy , devs has been busy

Thanks to all of you for everything ! ! !


Lead Admin
Sep 9, 2017
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We have removed:
  • Enable snipers in helis

Our decision to disable this predates this changelog - it wasn't enabled in this update.