Mafia City RP v2.21.2 - Changelog 2022-9-15


Release Date: 2022-9-15
Version: 2.21.2
Type of Release: Bug Fix

Hey there! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Today's bug fix release addresses two major issues along with some other important fixes that were due. Logging off with EUP equipped resulted in the player completely bugging out & not being able to log in which is now fixed. You can now equip EUP & get the locker weapons correctly as well.

We have also pushed fixes to improve the vehicle collision effect (the blur when you hit your vehicle) after receiving a lot of feedback from the community. This feature was meant to increase a bit of realism which is why we have turned down the blur effects to a minimum. You will only get the blur if you are hit in a vehicle & not every time the vehicle is hit. The blur effect will remain the same if your crash / ram your vehicle to objects etc. Heavy crashes (animation & /me that appears automatically) will now be triggered only when you actually are in a heavy crash & not if your vehicle is stalled due to bullets.

This update also include a couple of other high priority bug fixes like the weapon animation loop & the afk timer auto kicking players without allowing them to answer the math. The update will be in game after the daily restart which will be in about an hour. Please do report any bugs you face over on our discord in #bug_reports. Have a great day ahead!

New Features / Additions
  • Added the new tactical rifle for LEO's (Rockhopper)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed AFK timer resulting in an immediate kick for being AFK (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed equipping an EUP top not giving you the locker weapons (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed logging out with EUP equipped not letting players log back in (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed weed seeds not being able to be planted outside (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed dying while using an item resulting in not being able to use other items when revived (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed animation glitch when switching & holstering weapons that made players go in an animation loop (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed cruise control being toggled while typing & on foot resulting in players glitching out (Rockhopper)
  • Fixed blur effects & constant /me messages on vehicle crash / stall (Rockhopper)
Sentry Issues
  • Fixed multiple backend sentry related issues (Rockhopper)

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Excellent QoL update, great changes made